With Men’s Products becoming more and more prominent on the UK shelves we here at VV TV entered a vegan man cave to test out the best! We can now share some of the best vegan friendly mens products available to keep our skin looking and feeling fresh while remaining ethical and cruelty free.

Monat’s hair range for men is as luxurious as it gets. After using these products our hair had some serious oomph. Not only was our follicles stimulated but so was our confidence. The ingredients of mint and rosemary not only smells great but you feel it stimulate the scalp leaving you feeling wonderfully invigorated.

MONAT Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo

An invigorating smell of rosemary and mint provides a pick-me-up while also delivering an intense cleanse to your scalp. Penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping boost natural hair growth. 

MONAT Intense Repair Conditioner

A rich conditioner that stimulates the scalp and helps support healthy hair growth. Provides intense conditioning and protection for ultimate scalp health. Contains key ingredient Capixyl – an anti-ageing complex that helps stimulate the scalp and strengthen. 

MONAT Intense Repair Treatment

An intense daily leave-in treatment for thinning hair that Contains Capixyl – an anti-ageing complex that helps stimulate the scalp and strengthen and thicken hair whilst supporting natural hair growth for fuller-looking results. Its high concentrated blend of active peptides and botanical extracts promote a heathier scalp. 

Barbology London‘s beard oil worked wonders taming my beard. As it softens not only the hair but also the skin beneath making my beard easier to control and leaving me feel refreshed. Its non greasy formula is great to avoid oil wicking on to a freshly ironed work shirt and the scent is masculine enough without being over bearing. Combine this with the lip balm and you feel like you have had a session at a top barber shop.

Beard Oil

Blended with the finest natural ingredients to create this seriously smooth and conditioning oil.

This fast absorbing beard oil will condition your hair and skin. Light and non-greasy with a light, contemporary masculine fragrance.

Feel the softness of your skin while your senses are invigorated.

Barbology Lip Balm.

The Barbology Lip Balm immediately soothes and calms sore, dry lips from the first application. The lightweight formula glides on without leaving residue, sinking deep into lips to provide all the moisture you need. The unique formula is developed for men for protection in all weather conditions and for everyday use.

Bluebeards Revenge have a wide range of products for men and I found their face scrub to be up there with the best. After a bust day commuting around London or spending the day doing man stuff around the house Bluebards face scrub cut through the grime of a tough day without making my skin feel as if it been rubbed over a cheese grater, use their moisturiser after and you are ready for another day,

Their soaps are top drawer too, plenty of punch when it comes to cleaning without drying out the skin and packed with scent. Ideal for the travel bag and everyday washing.

Soap Stack

The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack Kit is the perfect gift to leave any man spoilt for choice for the aroma they want to leave behind, for wherever life takes them. From the Classic Ice Soap, which gives the scent of a traditional barbershop, all the way to the Caribbean with the Cuban Gold Soap’s exotic oils. Perhaps the Big Blue Bar Of Soap will be their go to? Whatever the choice, these vegan friendly bars are the perfect gift to regenerate and rehydrate.

Face Scrub

Life can take a toll on skin, so take charge of it. The Bluebeards Revenge Face Scrub is made up of powerful vegan friendly ingredients to conquer skin concerns. Olive stones help to rehydrate whilst ginger root acts as an antiseptic wonder, beating back dirt, grime and a troubled complexion to put your best face forward.

D’Alchemy products are like photoshop, they reduce the appearance of fine lines, small blemishes and pores leaving the skin feel tighter whilst protecting its natural ph balance. The facial cleanser gets rid of dead skin cells which block skin pores and even reduces inflammation of sore spots. Use this before applying the D’Alchemy All Over Blemish Solution and you are left feeling younger and bursting with confidence.

Purifying Facial Cleanser

An exceptionally gentle formula for mature, dry, sensitive skin with blemishes. Gentle and safe natural cleansing agents ensure perfect cleansing without irritation, do not disturb the skin’s hydrolipid balance, and protect its natural pH. Based on exfoliating and soothing plant extracts, the formula removes all impurities, including dead skin cells and excess sebum, unblocks skin pores, soothes inflamed acne lesions, and prepares the skin for further beauty treatments. Soap-free.

RESULTS: perfectly clean, fresh and relaxed skin optimally prepared for the absorption of cosmetic products.

All Over Blemish Solution

Light, non-oily cream-gel for total care of oily and combination skin. Recommended to help fight against blemishes. Helps to stimulate natural skin exfoliation processes, unblocks pores, and cleans them of dead cell residues and excess sebum. Thanks to specially-selected natural plant extracts, the cream evens out skin texture, reducing the size and visibility of pores, and effectively reduces inflammatory lesions in the form of papules and pustules. Plant oils ensure your skin maintains optimum moisture levels for many hours. The formula leaves skin smooth and shine-free, without tightness or dryness.

RESULTS: the skin is smooth, gently mattified and pampered with long-lasting hydration; skin pores are tightened, fine lines are filled, and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.