We love trying new vegan friendly health products at VV TV and we have been trying Hübner’s Silicea over the past 6 months or so.  Karin has noticed her hair growing longer faster and feeling thicker – and her nails seem to be stronger too.  

We are keen to find out more about Silica …. it is one of our most valuable minerals.

“Silica contains the trace element silicon (Si) and silicon performs essential functions in the body: it helps to support the formation of collagen and elastin, strengthen skin, hair, nails and bones, and encourage the body to hold on to water and other vital nutrients.

Approximately 1400mg of silicon is stored by the body but we lose nearly 60mg on a daily basis. The body is unable to produce silicon and so we look to silicon-containing foods to keep levels topped up. Vegetables are a good food source but only if the soil in which they’re grown contains sufficient amounts.”

Silicon deficiency in the body is characterised by weakened connective tissue (cellulite), lined skin, dull, thin, hair prone to splitting, and soft, brittle nails and bones.

Hübner’s Silicea Hair, Skin, Nails & Bones is Germany’s leading silica supplement and it helps to replenish lost silica and in doing so, helps to promote smoother, younger-looking skin, thicker, healthier hair and stronger nails and bones:

Skin: silica has an extremely high binding capacity, binding 300 times its own weight, which promotes cell hydration and nutrient transport, increased cell metabolism (+17%), increased cell regeneration (+8%) and ultimately smoother and better-toned skin.

A loss of suppleness in connective tissue is also a common cause of cellulite. The silicon bound in silica enhances the formation of collagen fibres and promotes firmness and suppleness for dimple-free skin.

Hair: silica deficiency causes hair to become brittle, thin and dull. Silicea helps to strengthen hair structure by enhancing the cross-linkage of the keratin-protein components and increase nutrient supply to the hair root. After six months’ hair is healthier, thicker (+13%) and stronger.

Nails: after just three months’ nails are up to 127% more resistant thanks to increased nutrient transport into the nail tissue, with significant improvements in brittle nails, soft nails and grooves.

Bones: enhanced nutrient transport also enables improved and well-targeted storage of calcium and silica, which are both important for bone health and strength.

Not all silica is the same. Due to its ultra small particle size, the colloidal silica used in Hübner’s Silicea is highly bioavailable and therefore easily absorbed by the body.

A supplement worth stashing but sometimes Mother Nature simply can’t be rushed; for best results take for a minimum of five to six months.

Silicea Hair, Skin, Nails & Bones is 100% natural, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and gluten and lactose-free. It costs £14.59 for a month’s supply of 30 capsules, and is available from health stores nationwide and www.healthy2u.co.uk.

Each capsule provides 420mg of silica per capsule equating to 196mg silicon. Take one capsule daily with a large glass of water.

NB: All study results relate to Hübner’s Silicea, not generic silica.

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