Best Vegan Blogger/ Info Site
Oh my flipping God……….. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! P1010126
To say I am over the moon is an understatement …. To be nominated for a VEGFESTUK award…
Yes VeggieVision TV has been nominated for Best Vegan Blogger/ Info Site – and of course we would LOVE your vote!
Our message is simple.
We believe veganism deserves to be on TV and taken seriously by the media and are working flat out to make this happen.
For a fair few years VeggieVision TV has done its best to address the fact that there are no vegan friendly TV programmes on TV.
Right now we have vegan supporters who film for us from India, America and more,  we have “Star” expert vegan writers who write for us – including a vegan comedian, a vegan film producer and leading vegans such as Viva! Founder Juliette Gellatley, Dr Sam Calvert who is an expert in the history of vegetarianism and vegan beauty adviser Victoria Eisermann.
Through VV TV we also coach journalists and celebrities to go vegan, go on radio and TV as well as reach media all over the UK with a positive vegan message.
We are constantly spreading the word even if most of the time we don’t shout about it!
Being up against “big boys” in this category is quite super scary!!
We don’t have a big team… it’s me in my log cabin and with the wonderful support of fellow passionate vegans who want to share the message.
Unlike other super nominees I can’t focus on this full time (yet!) – VV TV is like having a full time job that you really want to work on – however you have to do your other full time job that pays the bills too!
We don’t have big flash offices – and this is quite hilarious when we are chatting with ITV, BBC news… and even Hollywood….. I wonder what they would think if they saw me in my log cabin!
If you feel that the positive friendly message of VeggieVision TV is worth a little click we would be thrilled to get your support.
With lots of love and mega thanks
Karin xxx
PS Click here to vote… 😀
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