Q&A With Karin Ridgers

How long you have been vegan/ Veggie


Hmmmm about 20 years veggie and about 17 vegan.


Why vegan/ veggie


I realised what it was I was eating and suddenly everything made sense! Why on earth do we eat animal products when we don’t need too!


Presenting/ acting experience / other interesting stuff you do…?

Well I am the proud vegan adviser to Center Parcs, I am the vegan contact for The Mailonline, I seem to be the go to vegan person for how to cater for vegans at Christmas ????


I have a regular column in Vegetarian Living magazine, I have written for the Mailonline, for Ocado and for Leona Lewis’s blog.


Favourite Food?


A super fresh, raw salad with spinach, pineapple, nuts, tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, avocado and another other veggies – other than celery. Yuk. With some flaxseed crackers and some raw dip.


Or one of my delicious green smoothies – water, banana, spinach, pineapple, macca… and more.


Or a bowl of chips with vegan mayo.


Or cold roast potato sandwiches with brown sauce.


Or anything vegan!


Favourite way to chill out?


What does chill out mean?!


I do love to read, passionate about personal development and taking time with my lovely son Callum and hubby Glyn.


Whats your perfect date?


A picnic on a sunny day.


Going to the theatre.


Filming and chatting to likeminded interesting people.


Cooking something new.


Me time writing and reading.


A date at a park with my son Callum.


Who inspires you and why?


Tony Robbins the American Peak Performance Coach. Just love him.


Tell us a secret……


I played Alan Carr’s pregnant wife for his TV show. The sketch was never been aired.


Whats your downfall?


Has to be ….. chocolate… YUM so many super dairy free chocs now


Your website if you have one