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VeggieVision TV Highlights of VegfestUK!


VeggieVision TV are proud Media Partners with VegfestUK – we thought we would share some of our highlights of the recent festivals and if you haven’t already book your tickets for the shows for 2016… the shows are going to be amazing….


VeggieVision TV Highlights of Vegfests……Drinking vegan Baileys  and Andrew O’Neil nearly killing someone though his comedy and still saving the show

Interviewing and hanging out a bit with Jeremy from The Levellers

Vegan Chanel no 5… O.M.GGoing out with the VegfestUK team and having a right laugh, and then seeing how hard they work to put the festivals together - with special thanks to Dr Alan Lee VegfestUK Operations Manager.Hosting the super exciting FxEctive Factor and seeing the incredible vegans spreading veganism though music and their activism...LOVING FxEctive Factor winners Vegan Geezer and Mobius Loop! Having a laugh backstage eating noodles with John Robb.


Sharing the stage with vegan superstars, Anneka Svenska, Alex Walker,  Dr Casey Taft, Dr Will Tuttle,Christopher Sebastian,Roger Yates, Peter Smith, Pola Pospieszalska and of course VegfestUK Boss Tim Barford!

Seeing so many matches after the VeggieVisionDating and Vegfest UK speed dating session…. People still talking afterward the session, and not wanting to move along during the session as they liked the person they were chatting to so much!

Trying DAIRY FREE Toffees…. And vegan rolo’s…. And Curlywurly's to be next… wow wow wow!Seeing so many new faces in Scotland and people thanking us for going up there…Talking stage selfies with the Vegfest stars!

Having super funny comedians actually laughing at what I was saying……. WOW


Trying vegan cheese stuffed crust pizza with Alex Walker, Tim Cook and Meriko Yoshin Kawashima and as well as cheering and laughing non stop all night it was the first time to be cheered when leaving a restaurant.

Doing live TV and radio interviews in Scotland, London and Brighton sharing the vegan message.

Running the vegan business networking event with the amazing Katrina Fox. Hearing their incredible stories and meeting the people behind the businesses that make our vegan lives that much easier.Meeting and talking with so many vegan journalists – and non-vegan journalists who just love the VegfestUK.

Meeting inspirational high profile vegans from America and Europe who come to the UK for VegfestUK.

Seeing the media coverage that VegfestUK generates.However I take far too long to recover as I run on adrenaline for the weekend and don’t get a chance to eat despite being surrounded by the very best that vegan foods have to offer!

Can't wait for the next one!



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