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Vegan Executive Pastry Chef Danielle Maupertuis Takes the Culinary World by Storm at Milestone Hotel Media Event

Renowned Executive Vegan Pastry Chef Danielle Maupertuis showcased her culinary prowess at a highly anticipated media event held at the prestigious Milestone Hotel in London recently.

The event drew a crowd of media representatives, actors, people from the music industry, influencers and chefs from The Vegetarian Society (where Chef Danielle also teaches).

The esteemed mainly non vegan guests, including a producer from BBC London and presenter from BBC Kent, had a fantastic time and all were impressed with the vegan creations by Chef Danielle.

The media event was a resounding success, highlighting the growing popularity and innovation within the plant-based culinary scene.

Chef Danielle captivated the VIP attendees with her imaginative dishes, crafted with precision and passion…. From vibrant desserts bursting with flavour to indulgent plant-based savouries that delighted the palate, Chef Danielle’s creations showcased the versatility and richness of vegan cuisine.

The menu included:

"Baiser volé…. a vanilla pannacotta, raspberry and rose, pistachio halva.

"Moulin Rouge"…. a chocolate mousse, red fruits crumble, chocolate brownie.

"I gave you my heart"….. a pomegranate cheesecake, lychee inclusion, hazelnut sweet pastry.

"It's truly an honour to have had the opportunity to share my love for vegan baking at such an esteemed venue….."

said Chef Maupertuis.

“I worked there 5 years ago for 2 years and it was simply magical walking through the doors again, seeing my former colleagues as well as my boss again - Mr Pike the General Manager.”

"I believe that plant-based cuisine has the power to not only tantalize the taste buds but also promote health and sustainability. This event was a wonderful platform to spread that message."

The Milestone Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for Chef Maupertuis' culinary showcase, with its luxurious ambiance and wealth of history.

The event garnered widespread attention on social media, with influencers and attendees praising Chef Maupertuis' innovative approach to vegan baking.

"We are thrilled to have hosted Chef Danielle Maupertuis and her incredible culinary talents at the Milestone Hotel," said a spokesperson for the hotel.

"Her dedication to plant-based cuisine and her ability to create dishes that appeal to a wide audience are truly commendable. We look forward to continuing to support her endeavours in the future."

Chef Danielles media event at the Milestone Hotel was not only a celebration of her remarkable talent however also a testament to the ever-growing popularity of vegan cuisine.

“I totally agree …. the old skills need to be brought back. I will definitely recommend for Chef Danielle for events. A true luminary in her craft.”

Singer and songwriter Rene Bryd.

“I've just joined Danielle's Facebook group! Thank you so much for a lovely, lovely time! I’ve just eaten my doggy bag on the train and it was DELICIOUS! Danielle is a master.”

Anna Cookson BBC Kent.

Danielle and I were honoured to be included in a room full of lovely people. Chef Danielle's vegan creations were stunning and delicious and I went home feeling very full indeed. What a beautiful hotel The Milestone is, the perfect backdrop to the event.”

Lisa Allen Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Following on Chef Danielle is presenting at The Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia and the Foodies Festival in St Albans as well as offering her bespoke afternoon tea clubs – see Chef Danielles social media for more details and dates.


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