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Triple World Record Breaker Fiona Oakes Completes the 776!


Vegan Triple World Record breaker Fiona Oakes completes the 776!

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The weather in Antarctica prevented Fiona’s attempt to break yet another World Record as Fiona has to head home to look after her 400 rescued animals and could not wait any longer for the weather to change.

Fiona attempted to run the 777 for the second time. 7 marathons on 7 Continents in 7 days raising money for animals while wearing a cow suit. However Fiona did run a 2nd marathon in South America on the 14th Feb to make it 776 – 7 marathons in 7 days on 6 Continents!

Fiona is the fastest global marathon runner on the planet and wants to inspire others to consider a cruelty free vegan lifestyle. Fiona told us;
“I did my best and feel very proud of running 666 however I wanted to raise awareness and funds for the animals and wish I had been able to complete the 777 again for them.”

We are also delighted that triple world record breaker Fiona and Vegan Athlete of the Year will be talking at this year’s Veg Fest UK festivals in Brighton, Bristol and London.

She completed 7 overseas marathons in February 2015:

  • 8th – Melbourne
  • 9th Abu Dhabi
  • 10th Paris
  • 11th Tunis
  • 12th NYC
  • 13th Punta Arenas

However the weather stopped her from running the last marathon – 14th Antarctica (so she did another one in Punta Arenas instead!)
Fiona is running the Marathon des Sables again for the 3rd time from 3rd to 13th April 2015.

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Fiona has an elite entry for London Marathon which is 26th April- and this depends on how she is feeling after such an incredibly challenging few months. Later in the year she is planning to run a fast European marathon to hopefully break her own world records again for the 7 continent aggregate records.

And kicking off with Veg Fest UK Brighton on the 28 and 29 March Fiona will be giving a talk on Sunday the 29 March at 1 pm and more details can be seen here.

Fiona’s talks are always jam packed and she leaves people feeling very inspired.

Fiona Oakes has broken three world records and is now the fastest woman to run a marathon on each Continent + the North Pole in elapsed and aggregate time. This year she completed the toughest foot race on the planet for the 2nd time the Marathon des Sables and was given an elite start for the Great North Run.

This is significant as it is rare to find an athlete who can “cross-over” from ultra to road running at the level that Fiona does.

Fiona has to fit all this in between caring for 400 rescued animals – and she has a knee replacement to cope with.

Fiona has been vegan for 40 years and with the current issues facing the UK regarding obesity and poor diet she shows what can be achieved through graft – rather than privilege or celebrity.

Her charitable foundation ( has already had papers published by the UK Government as evidence in their Women in Sport inquiry.

To like Fiona’s Facebook page click here:

Fiona and partner Martin at the sanctuary….


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