VeggieVision TV the UK’s only internet TV station dedicated to vegan living asked its viewers what isn’t vegan friendly and they wish it was.

With so many vegan friendly foods available now it was a little tricky however the top 6 answers are:


An array of veggie meat alternatives temps us everywhere we go and as Quorn contains eggs it isn’t suitable for vegans.
However…. they have seen the growing demand for vegan food in the UK and with their vegan friendly products doing so well in the USA they have just launched a few vegan friendly products here in the UK…. and are looking to make the whole range vegan friendly in the near (ish) future.

Key Lime Pie/ Lemon Meringue Pie

20150524_165943 brighterIn America they now have an egg free meringue mix however it is difficult to get hold of and expensive to buy in the UK. As a firm family favourite for many vegans from their childhood we would love to see an egg free meringue in the UK… or even better meringue pies available to simply buy off the shelf.
Many of us have been experimenting with AquaFaba with super results too!

Supermarket sandwiches

Ready made sarnies always seem to have meat and dairy products in them and us vegans are frequently hungry on the go too! Many sandwiches such as ‘falafel’, could easily be vegan friendly. Not much beats a sandwich, crisps and a soup however vegans are not looked after well in the sandwich department – and we have the same money to spend as everyone else so lets have some lovely meat and dairy free sandwiches ASAP!

More smelly cheeses please

Although there are amazing dairy free cheeses now, vegans would love to have a real strong dairy free ‘blue cheese’ and many are asking for an animal free goats cheese too. (Just reporting – maybe not our choice!)
20160903_145617Better labelling on wines….

Yes us vegans do like a glass of red, or white, or pink (and when organic even better). However for some reason the labelling on wine bottles doesn’t need to be so clear as labelling on food. Weird.
Some places like Marks and Spencer and the Co Op label their wine when vegan friendly. A great deal of wine is vegan friendly, now using bentonite (a clay) instead of fish bladders as a fining agent.
Although the use of blood in wine processing is banned in the UK winemakers can still use eggs and milk making their products unsuitable for vegans.

Ban Gelatine

Now there are many gelatine free sweets around however if not for the veggies out there lets ban gelatine from sweets for kids too.
The boiled bones, tendons and ligaments of dead animals mixed with colouring (sometimes cochineal so dead squashed beetles) and sugar doesn’t sound like the best option for our kids.
Vegan sweets may use agar which does the same thing and is simply made from seaweed.
And we dare you to see if you can taste a difference too – non gelatine sweets taste delicious.

Other suggestions on the vegan wish list include:

Vegan Yorkshire puddings, Maltsters, Toffee and Jaffa Cakes!

The sad misconception for vegans is that we don’t have much to eat. This couldn’t be further from the truth! With vegan versions of just about everything now from….

Ham, chicken, turkey, beef, burgers, sausages, black pudding, bacon to battered prawns, tuna pate, fish fingers, mayonnaise, butter, cheese, milks, yoghurts, ice-creams,  chocolate (and of course something for you if you don’t like the ‘mock meaty’ foods too.)

The vegan lifestyle is constantly growing as more people are looking at their plates and thinking more about how their food reaches them.


Gelatin/ gelatine: