We were so impressed to hear that such a big player as WatchShop.com has taken the time (no pun intended) to take on and promote vegan friendly watches.  Established in 2007 on the high street, WatchShop.com is a leading retailer of brand name designer watches, and is also the UK’s most visited independent watch website*. 
They were the first independent watch retailer to advertise on national television, and prides itself on having one of the most efficient shopping systems available – “communication at every stage of your order, excellent 7-days sales, customer service, and a dedicated support team to assist with any enquiry.”
Vegan watch designers Votch were founded by the incredible Laura Way, there are 15 styles in 38mm cases composing of high end components and all with vegan leather straps.  The cases come in silver, rose gold plated, gold plated and black ion plated.  Votch combines classic style and design across every timepiece. 
“We are due to launch our 4th collection so there are now 50+ combinations! We have a 38mm Classic range, 36mm interchangeable range and a Pinatex range. We will be launching the classic petite shortly which is 33mm”. 
We spoke with Terry Markham, the head of buying at WatchShop.com…. So why a vegan watch Terry?
“It’s important to us that WatchShop.com has something for everyone, as we have built a reputation of choice from our very beginning, which is why we were very happy to add Votch to our repertoire of amazing brands.
Votch is our first, entirely vegan line of watches – though some of the other brands we stock do have vegan options in their ranges too.
People today are becoming more conscious of their choices as consumers in the products they buy and lifestyle they lead, and businesses too need to evolve and expand their options, and work to support brands that share this passion.
We’re glad that we can do that with such a great product and a brand that offers not only a vegan but a socially conscious and responsible choice that gives back to society.

Votch watches are incredibly well-designed, manufactured to the highest quality with a fantastic attention to not only the materials being used, but the people involved in manufacturing process. Thanks to this, they have proven to be very popular with our customers!”
Laura Way has an incredible story, she suffered terribly with Topical Steroid Withdrawal after weaning herself off of steroid creams….. and her skin actually fell off. For years Laura was in horrendous pain and had to give up her career as a TV producer. At this time she also became vegan and after suffering so much with her own skin she could not wear the skin of another. Laura needed to replace a leather watch strap and couldn’t see a good quality vegan strap….and Votch was born!
You can hear Laura live on Karin’s radio show House of Fun here too (with some great music as well!)
About WatchShop.com:
Established in 2007 on the high street, WatchShop.com is a leading retailer of brand name designer watches, and is also the UK’s most visited independent watch website*.
WatchShop.com holds massive stock levels in its high security, climate controlled warehouse, and displays the stock level of each item on the website – so customers can be sure that the product they purchase is in stock and available for immediate dispatch.
* Statistic based on independent traffic rankings supplied by Alexa and Hitwise.