After a whopping 5000 nominations in the first round of voting, the Trencherman’s Awards 2019 shortlist has been revealed… And Acorn is amongst the nominees!

Acorn is the ONLY vegan restaurant to be nominated, so wouldn’t it be fantastic for a vegan restaurant win?! 

Richard Buckley

Richard Buckley is the chef proprietor of the country’s finest vegan restaurant. Acorn in Bath has won multiple awards and is listed in the Michelin guide, the good food guide and the Trencherman’s guide.

Richard was raised a vegetarian and, after graduating with a 1:1 degree in English Literature, he set about studying vegetable cookery whilst working in a series of top vegetarian restaurants. This culminated in his five-year role as head chef for Demuth’s Restaurant where he developed and refined his plant-centric, cooking style.

Richard has a passion for sharing the knowledge and techniques that he has learnt and developed in order to increase the general standard of plant-based food across the country.

Nominations for the first round of voting close at 9am on 5th October so get your vote in now! The Trencherman’s Awards 2019 winners will be announced at a glitzy black tie ceremony at the stunning Saunton Sands Hotel in north Devon on November 19.

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Richard tells us some more;

“The problem was, no one made this food from plants and I couldn’t cook meat.  Not in any spiritual way, I literally had no idea how to do it.  I suppose in hindsight I could have sucked it up and gone to work in a series of great restaurants and learnt a craft I would never use and didn’t want but I didn’t.

Instead I started studying, buying every book I could find, visiting every fine restaurant that offered a veggie option and learning, piece by piece error by error, how to make fine food from plants.  It wasn’t easy and some poor people got served some very strange food in the variety of cafes and restaurants that were foolish enough to let me cook for the public.

I worked and I studied and I cooked late into the night.  I wanted to understand risotto so I cooked nothing but risotto for months, learning en route about stocks and texture and knife skills. Somewhere along the way I found my life’s passion, and piece by piece I developed a view of food and a depth of knowledge that began to reflect the vision I had in my mind.

And this is where I find myself today, desperately trying to get closer to the ingredient, to the land it comes from, experimenting, learning and growing, creating a cuisine from plants that comes close to the dream I had all those years ago.”

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