VeggieVision TV is now approved by Viva!

Karin Ridgers ‘grew up’ with Viva! veggie wise after reading an article by Juliette Gellatley a fair few years ago! Karin become a member straight away, supported by helping to run Viva! stalls and attending Viva! events.
Juliet and the team came to Essex and helped launch Viva! Essex and years later Karin was amazed to win one of a handful of awards presented by Juliet.

So it’s rather exciting to announce that VeggieVision TV is now approved by Viva!
This means that you know that you can trust VeggieVision even more – after the experts at Viva! have confirmed that we are now Viva! approved!
You can also check out exclusive interviews with the Viva! team on our Information Channel…