You really must have some delicious grilled vegetables and veggie kebabs with your vegan BBQ. They always look colourful and bright and they are easy to eat as they are in bite size pieces.

Peppers are a great addition and in many colours – orange, reds and yellows taste less bitter than green peppers.  Aubergines work well too. Try adding similar colours together to create a stunning rainbow effect or add in some vegan cheese for a delicious meltly texture.

Long time vegan chef and author Tony Bishop Weston has a delicious marinade recipe: 

Mix equal quantities agarve or maple syrup, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sweet chilli sauce.

Soak wet kebab sticks with sun-dried tomato, red pepper chunks, red onion , thin angled sliced carrot, yellow peppers, thick slices courgette, mushroom, slice sweet potato, sliced beetroot, pineapple chunks, green/orange cherry tomato.

We also add marinated pressed tofu to our veggie kebabs.

Tony also is famous for his BBQ Bananas….

Chocolate BBQ bananas:

Make small slit with butter knife in a banana big enough for 1 chunk of chocolate. Press into the in banana, repeat, length of banana.

Wrap in foil and bake as BBQ starts to die down for 20- 30 minute serve with salted caramel ice cream.

Make many more than you need.

For a naughty fruity twist you may also like to marinate pineapple before BBQing it. We have soaked freshly sliced pineapple in a healthy sparkling orange drink – we use San Pellegrino and a table spoon of brown sugar. Look we never said it was healthy! A sweet, sticky and delicious way to end your vegan BBQ feast.

We love our George Foreman Grill for this as even when the weather is bad we can have an indoor vegan BBQ party!

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