VegfestUK Chat is a live online vegan chat show currently in it’s first series and features special guests, vegan news including new projects and initiatives on the horizon, as well as some amazing vegan brands all wrapped up in a tidy and compact series of 1-hour episodes.

VegfestUK Chat is hosted by VeggieVision TV founder Karin Ridgers and VegfestUK manager Tim Barford, and you can catch up both with earlier episodes and find all the information you need on upcoming live shows right here!

Victoria Featherstone Pearce, is our main guest on our first show…. the co founder of the esteemed charity K-9 Angels, a dog Rescue Charity with an international reputation and a glittering array of supporters.

Victoria works tirelessly fundraising for the charity including sponsored 400Km Bike Rides around Cornwall, a quick stroll or 2 up Mount Kilimanjaro and a wing walking experience all in the name of the dogs she rescues. Victoria is a regular in the media and has recently opened up about metal health issues, helping break down some of the taboos and stigma on this area.

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