For this months column I am writing about well known vegans and vegans on TV. It is a little bit ironic as it has been my dream for more years than I care to mention to present a vegan TV show on TV. So many ups and downs on my journey to do so however I am not giving up yet!

We see vegans on TV, in films and on You Tube…..  although I have to admit I am not the biggest You Tube viewer myself.

Vegan TV presenter Jasmine Harman with Karin Ridgers

I have got to meet some incredible vegans who are in the media and celeb world and they are some of the most kind, thoughtful and generous people I have ever met.

Jasmine Harman from A Place In The Sun is utterly wonderful. She is confident, funny, incredible on screen and she adores being vegan. She is genuine and a brilliant ambassador for veganism. As is actor and voice for the animals Peter Egan who says that being vegan “completes him”.

I feel as long as they are true vegans in the limelight we tend to love them. We have heard of many “vegans” who turn out to be fair weather plant based eaters – well others have told me and I have picked up on social media as most of them I have never even heard of!

Now Moby – well I have heard he says he is an animal rights activist before being a musician. He sports various tattoos including Vegan For Life boldly on the side of his neck and written down both sides of his arms Animal Rights. Although a right in your face statement that is marmite for many I do feel the latter “tat” looks like he drew it himself with a bic.

We all love actor Benedict Cumberbatch and he has given several interviews saying he is vegan which is great! Personally I wish he would do some more “veganising” as he is liked and respected so much – like everyone’s heart throb and the vegan of year Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin says, “It seems obvious” that the killing of animals is wrong (he was talking about fish in particular in a recent interview with Brut.) He “doesn’t want to cause pain”  and the killing of animals is  “absurd and barbaric” and he talks about the devastating effects on the environment. So with all this, being vegan since age 3 and attending animal rights events we know it is rather unlikely he will change back into a non vegan.

Voice for the animals actor Peter Egan with Karin Ridgers

Then we read about other actors or well known people who have decided they are no longer “vegan”. To me I do wonder if anyone can ever really be vegan and then go back to not being…. Plant based perhaps? But a vegan to me is someone who is passionate about the rights of others and knowing that the killing of animals is wrong. End of. And we want no part in that. And we will continue for as long as we possibly can whether options are in fast food chains or not!

If you want fast food have a banana.

I have read about Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Ellen DeGeneres and a few other high profile people who once ate plant based and have gone back and forth eating animal products.

It is disappointing when you hear of anyone who you think has made the connection only to feel let down to see some time later they are munching on a fish corpse or following some faddie diet.

However there is nothing we can do, we can not control anyone’s eating or lifestyle choices. We can only lead by example and hope that they will make that connection once again that being vegan is bester for us, the planet and for the animals too.

We are all on our journeys and on different paths including those in the public eye. Although I would personally prefer if they either stuck with not consuming animals or just keep their betrayal/ failure quiet.

Karin Ridgers

VeggieVision TV