We love trying out new vegan skincare here at VeggieVision TV and sometimes a brand really does stand out. Dawn Waterhouse introduced us to Vitali-Chi – and Dawns credentials are impressive! A Reiki Master, an expert in Homeopathy Diet, Nutrition, Raw Food and Natural Immunity. She runs workshops, is a Japanese Reiki Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Practitioner, a Vitali-Chi Relax Leader, Vitali-Chi Senior Training Manager and Neurodevelopment Specialist!

We got to know Dawn as several years ago she was the lucky winner of a super competition we run here at VeggieVision TV winning a fantastic hot air balloon ride. We were excited to try a brand that Dawn is passionate about.

Vitali-Chi skin care product formulations are based on 30 years of research and experience of eastern and western natural healing traditions.

Here at VeggieVision TV we tried the Anti -Ageing Face Cream, the Anti- Ageing Face Oil and the Anti – Ageing Face serum:

“Loved the serum, it sunk into my skin and I also put a drop on the back of my hands to keep them hydrated too. I followed with the face cream and it felt amazing on my skin. I love that this brand isn’t hiding behind fancy packaging. I feel that for them it is all about brilliant ingredients and results. The oil is fantastic to use at night It isn’t too heavy and the bottle has lasted for months. I will definitely be using this brand moving forward and can not wait to try out more of the range.”

Dawn, thanks for telling us about this brand. I have loved trying it out. Tell us why do you like this brand in particular?

Over the years I have tried many skin care ranges, and most have left me disappointed. I was a little reluctant to try the Vitali-Chi range as my thoughts were “it will just be another one for the shelf” however I was shocked, it did the job beautifully, and I need just a tiny amount so is really economic. As a homeopath and nutritionist, I love the fact they are formulated with natural and nourishing base ingredients and fused vibrational healing properties.

I have recommended the products to many of my clients, and they all love them too, I know, because they come back to me for more! They are vegan friendly and the carefully formulated range covers sensitive skin through to mature skin. My youngest skin care user is 14… and my oldest is very proud of their age.

I wholeheartedly recommend these products again and again because I love using them, and they give good results.

What are your favourite or best selling products?

The Vitali-Chi face wash is one of the top products I sell to my clients, as it is suitable for all skin types.

I would also recommend invest in a serum, as with all of the Vitali-Chi range, a little really does go a long way. The Serum will help nourish your skin.

One of my favourite Vitali-Chi skin care products is the Vitali-Chi eye cream, it really does help to nourish the skin around the eyes, and personally I have found it a little gem at helping prevent dry eyes (Please note, only apply around the  eye – Never apply directly onto the eye).

Vitali-Chi Vibrational Products are infused with natural healing properties which help to revitalise chi – your natural life force.

They have formulated a range of products to enhance your skin and for your skin to feel healthier too because they work at a cellular level that is more than just skin deep.

They assist root cause healing by conveying to the cell – ‘detox’, ‘revitalise’, ‘regenerate’ and help take out the stress that life has put in.

Our skin care range also combines natural and nourishing base ingredients abundant with vitamins and minerals that feed and nourish the skin. Many are fragrance free which make them suitable for sensitive skin. Paraben free and vegan friendly.

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