Whether it’s a new diet, fitness plan or lifestyle change then using  quality vegan protein powders and boosters could help you reach your goal. We note below some of the best of vegan boosters for your smoothies this spring – as as well as a treat of a protein bar! 


SIS Rego Rapid Protein

“This is one of the best post protein shakes I have tried. It is tasty, smooth and full of good vegan proteins.”

The SIS Rego Rapid protein powder helps refuel, repair, rebuild and rehydrate.

Each serving of this product contains 22g carbohydrate, 20g soy protein (ideal for vegans and those with lactose intolerances), vitamins, minerals and a complete amino acid profile.

Use REGO Rapid Recovery Powder within 30-minutes after exercise to achieve maximum recovery benefits…. blend with water.

HUX Superfood Blend

A comprehensive, plant-based blend of organic superfoods, greens, protein, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, fibre, prebiotics and probiotics . No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No fuss.

  • Supports immunity
  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Improve recovery from exercise
  • Maintenance of nerves, muscles, bones & joints
  • Supports skin health and repair
  • Regulation of hormones

“Love that this has a lot of organic ingredients – and a good boost of magnesium.” 


Bio Synergy Lean And Green

Combining quality pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, Lean & Green® is a super high protein powder created specifically for vegans.

its healthy and natural source of protein – and tastes great.

“Our Butterscotch and Mint Chocolate taste like dessert. Even non-vegans choose it when they need a change from their usual protein.”

Plus, Lean & Green® is manufactured  in the UK. This helps them maintain our OCD-levels of quality assurance. And they are constantly keeping a watchful eye on production to ensure these standards never slip.


“A really good easy protein powder – blends perfectly and tastes fantastic.”


SIS Sport Protein20 Bar

A high protein vegan friendly snack for muscle recovery and rebuild.

With great tasting new flavours and an improved recipe, our Science in Sport PROTEIN20 bar is a convenient on-the-go option made with a high-quality plant protein blend for athletes looking for an alternative high-protein snack option that’s low in sugar.

Wherever it’s derived from, protein is an essential nutrient for athletes in recovering and rebuilding muscles. Whether you’re specifically looking for a vegan option, or you simply prefer your protein a little cleaner, our SiS PROTEIN20 bar delivers a quick and convenient source of proteins from soya, pea and pumpkin.

“This is such a delicious bar – and handy for the gym!”



SKINGLO Vegan Collagen Support

“Loved this as a drink to start my day. Tasted delicious and knowing it gave my skin a booster was great. I feel taking over time would make a difference.”

We lose one per cent of our collagen reserves each year from our early 20’s, meaning that by the time we’re 30, we already have around ten per cent less. This results in reduced skin elasticity, thinner skin and wrinkles. SKINGLO developed a drinkable, vegan collagen-based supplement which can reverse the appearance of fine lines, restore volume to skin and give a brighter appearance to complexions for both men and women.

The SKINGLO Vegan Collagen Support sachets come in an exotic fruits flavour, so that they can be taken easily and on-the-go. It can be added to water, smoothies and other liquids for a refreshing daily drink that sits naturally within people’s everyday routine.



All You Need

This a massive collection of superfoods and essential nutrients blended with a delicious and smooth-tasting bio-available plant protein.

Naturally vegan, gluten free, with no refined sugar or junk blend. Join this vegan run business for their 15 day challenge too…

Vit D3 & K2


Vit C & B12

Super Greens

Medicinal Mushrooms

Adaptogen Herbs

Vegan Protein

Digestive Enzymes

MCT Powder & BCAA

“Enjoying this and will carry on – love blending with fruits – so jam packed with super foods!”



Thank you to these lovely companies who sent us products to review.