Encona – Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce & Original Hot Pepper Sauce

Encona are the UK’s number one pepper sauce brand, so we were pretty excited to be trying it out! The original hot pepper sauce goes with absolutely everything, pasta dishes, rice dishes, and you can even use it as a dip! The versatility of the sauces is one of the best thing about this brand. The sweet chilli is perfect for those who would prefer something more mild, and we even tried it as a salad dressing! Hot sauces are all about experimenting, so you never know what you might like it paired with until you try it. We really recommend these sauces for adding a kick to your dishes, they’re so flavourful!

These products are available from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and more supermarkets. (Check out their website here).

Energy Ball Recipe Kit

This is the first healthy snack recipe kit that you can make for yourself at home! All the recipes are vegan friendly and are made up of natural ingredients. It allows people to easily and affordably make their own energy balls from home – as they can be quite pricy elsewhere! Energy balls are really on trend at the moment, as they are delicious and also packed full of healthy goodness. On their website you can buy a monthly subscription, several months worth of boxes, or just individual ones to try out first! We think this is such a fantastic idea, and making the energy balls really took no time at all as everything is measured out for you already.

This product is available from their website.

BOL – Thai Coconut Curry

We have tried BOL before and thought it was delicious, and great value for money, however, it’s great to see that they are now 100% plant-based! They offer veg pots, salad jars, and soups, so there is a great range of meals to choose from. The Super Soups are by far our favourite out of all the options, and we’re so excited for colder weather so we can fill our fridge with these lovely meals! There is not an awful lot of choice for vegans when it comes to convenience, as well as remaining healthy and nutritious, so it’s so good that BOL decided to make their meals fully vegan.

This product is available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and AmazonFresh. (Check out their website here).

TrueStart Coffee – Chilli Chocolate Cold Brew and Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew

Our VeggieVisionTV reviewer is a true coffee enthusiast, so she jumped at the opportunity to try out this one! TrueStart is a coffee start-up that is one of the fastest growing young drinks brands in the UK, how fantastic! We can really see why they are becoming so successful, their message, their branding, and their coffee is amazing. Their bottles are made from recycled glass, their Nespresso-compatible pods are biodegradable, etc. We love supporting ethical, sustainable companies.

We were excited, but slightly dubious, when trying these wacky flavours but they turned out to be delicious. We would 100% buy from this brand again, and hope to see it in supermarkets in the future!

These products are available from their website.

A huge thank you to Encona, TrueStart, BOL, and Energy Ball Recipes for sending over these fantastic products for us to review – these blog posts wouldn’t be possible without wonderful companies allowing us to try and review their wonderful vegan products. Be sure to check them out!

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