We have been trying out some amazing vegan products here at VeggieVisionTV, and they’ve definitely been helping us through this heat wave! Today we’re sharing with you a small bunch of fantastic, healthy, vegan drinks.

Batch Organics
A straight-up, fuss-free ‘nothing but the truth’ food brand who are here to deliver healthy goods without the hassle. We received a box of 6 smoothies and have been loving trying these out, especially in this hot weather! They make for such a filling, and delicious summer breakfast. Our favourite flavours have been cherry and charcoal, and berry and acai. All of the flavours were really unique, and you get a lot of smoothie out of just one product! Batch Organics deliver convenient, organic, unprocessed and unrefined goods, which are packed with goodness and ready to go whenever you are. All products are 100% recyclable, including their straws! You can order a box as a one-off delivery, or through a subscription service.
Batch Organics is available from their website.

Nix & Kix 
Nix & Kix are a health-focused brand producing a range of all-natural, low calorie, exciting soft drinks, that are infused with a hint of British grown Cayenne chili – doesn’t that sound enticing? We tried out the new Blood Orange & Tumeric flavour, and although we were a little dubious at first about the chilli, it turned out to be quite delicious, so don’t let it put you off. We have never tasted anything quite like this before, it’s such a good pick-me-up, and a great alternative to fizzy drinks. It’s caffeine-free and created using the highest quality ingredients. Tumeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and blood orange is naturally rich in vitamin C and A – so not only is the drink delicious, but also super nourishing.
Nix & Kix is available from their website, and Ocado.

Say Aloe 
Aloe Vera is known for its wide range of healing properties, and has been used for thousands of years; so any product containing this magical ingredient instantly catches our attention. This revitalising drink is made with real Aloe Vera pieces, which are rich in vitamin C – each bottle contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance! Its available in 3 fruit flavours: original (grape), strawberry, or mango. We enjoyed every flavour as they’re all refreshing, very sweet, and best served cold! The packaging is also super appealing and summery, we can’t wait to pick up more the next time we go shopping.
Say Aloe is available from Amazon, and other general supermarkets.

A massive thanks to Batch Organics, Nix and Kix, and Say Aloe – these blog posts wouldn’t be possible without wonderful companies allowing us to try and review their wonderful vegan products. Be sure to check them out!