Another day, another blog post reviewing some fabulous vegan products! This time we’ve got a lovely, diverse bunch of beverages, so grab a drink, because this one is going to make you thirsty!

Real Kombucha

Kombucha is the drink to watch out for; it’s on the rise, and it’s
delicious! Luckily, we were able to sample some of the drinks from Real Kombucha, and were so pleasantly surprised. Real Kombucha is brewed from hand-picked, loose-leaf fine teas carefully selected from small gardens around the world – now if that doesn’t sound magical, and appealing, we don’t know what does! It’s a slightly tart drink, with only a small amount of sugars, and it tastes a little like a light cider (but it’s non-alcoholic). We cannot wait to purchase some more Real Kombucha!
The Real Kombucha range is available from their website, and various locations around England.

Benefit Drinks – Carrot Juice, Prune Juice, and Beetroot Juice
We love getting our vitamins by sipping delicious, and healthy drinks here at VeggieVisionTV, so you can imagine our joy when we received a bunch of these Benefit Drinks. The carrot and prune juices have to be our personal favourites, but we have been enjoying all of them! The beetroot ‘Vitality’ drink is for anyone looking to naturally boost their sporting endurance: it’s

rich in nitrates and antioxidants. The ‘Cleanse’ prune drink is blended with vitamins A, C and E, and it is high in antioxidants. The ‘Enrich’ carrot juice is naturally rich in beta-carotene which supports both hair and skin health.
The Benefit Drinks Range is available from Waitrose, Tesco, and Amazon.

Drink me Chai – Tumeric Latte and Chai Latte

We love that Drink me Chai products are authentic, and healthy, without compromising on taste at all. The Chai Latte is so sweet and is such a warm, comforting beverage – we absolutely love it. The Turmeric Latte definitely packs a punch, but don’t let the idea of drinking turmeric put you off, you must try it out as it has so many health benefits; it tastes so heart-warming paired with some hot, frothy almond milk!

Drink me Chai is available from most major retailers throughout the UK.

Botonique – Crisp Dry White Wine

This alcohol-free wine is made and sourced in the UK (apart from certain botanicals and vitamins which can only be sourced overseas), and it doesn’t have any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives. Did we mention it only has 14 calories per 100ml?! It’s such a rich, yet refreshing drink, and we think it’s perfect for a quiet, cosy evening indoors; we’d definitely recommend Botonique to all those non-drinkers who enjoy the taste of a good wine.
Botonique Wine is available from their website.

A massive thanks to Botonique, Drink me Chai, Real Kombucha, and Benefit Drinks – these blog posts wouldn’t be possible without wonderful companies allowing us to try and review their wonderful vegan products. Be sure to check them out!