We are huge tofu fans here at VeggieVision TV and if you haven’t already tried BBQ’d tofu you must the next time you get your BBQ out!

And something we love about the Traeger grill is that you can control the grill via your phone….  so  you can still BBQ in just about all weathers!

Any meal tastes better cooked outside over flavourful hardwood smoke and our Asian marinated tofu is no exception. Traeger wood pellet type: Hickory….  Serves 6.


1 Whole Tofu, extra firm

1/2 Cup hoisin sauce

2 Tablespoon soy sauce

3 Tablespoon rice wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon lime juice

1 Teaspoon sesame oil

1 Clove garlic, minced

1 Whole green onion, thinly sliced

1 To Taste toasted sesame seeds

1 To Taste green onions, thinly sliced


Start by pressing your tofu to remove as much liquid as possible. Do this by placing the tofu between two cutting boards and weighing the top one down with a couple of heavy cans. You’ll see the liquid pooling around the tofu.


Let it sit for an hour or two, periodically tipping the liquid into the sink. This will make the tofu denser and even meatier and more absorbent to any flavours you want to infuse in it. Now you’re ready to marinate it.
Mix together the hoisin, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, lime juice, sesame oil, minced garlic clove and green onion.
Carefully slice tofu into 1-inch thick cubes or strips. If you’re using skewers, cubes are best, but if you’ll be placing your tofu directly on your grill, larger strips are better.
Place the marinade and the tofu in a shallow dish, tossing to cover all of the tofu evenly, and allow to marinate for at least one hour, preferably overnight. Occasionally gently mix up the tofu or spoon the marinade over the top to allow the marinade to evenly flavour all of the cubes of tofu.
Smoke the skewers of tofu on the Traeger for about 10 to 15 minutes.
After they’ve smoked, remove the skewers from the Traeger and turn the heat up to High and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes. Place the skewers on the grill and cook for about 20 minutes, rotating the skewers every 5 minutes and brushing with the marinade.
Remove from the grill and top the tofu with some toasted sesame seeds and more green onions. Serve, enjoy!

Traeger’s patented WiFIRE® technology means grills can be controlled via the smart phone app that maintains precise temperatures, so you can focus on friends, family and flavour instead of constantly monitoring the fire.

Previously, grill aficionados have dabbled with different fuels and grilling styles to get the perfect results, but now universally the wood pellet grill is considered the grill of choice – the Rolls-Royce of the grilling world, where Traeger is the pioneer.

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With many thanks to Traeger for supporting our vegan BBQ features by supplying a grill to VeggieVision TV.