Just love positive living and thinking here on VeggieVision TV and thrilled to have the most super Kim Wymer share her expertise with us… here is part one…  

Write down your goals and dreams and also visualise them. We have two sides to our brain: the left side is our logical side and it thinks in words and it is able to plan. It makes lists and also retrieves facts and figures.

The right side is our creative side and it thinks in pictures and concepts. This is our intuitive side and it’s fabulous at putting pieces of information together. So by writing down what you want and visualising at the same time you have a much better chance of success. It will not happen over night, like anything, you need to work at it.

Some people find it hard to visualise, so this is where a vision board comes in. I have made many of these over the years to help me achieve what I wanted and I found they worked for me. It may seem childish to make a vision board, but hey, never lose your inner child! Its fun and can help you to relax by getting creative.
You just need a piece of card in what ever size feels right and research images that relate to your goals, images that make you feel good or find pictures in magazines. Cut them out and stick them to your card and display it somewhere in your home.

Or buy a corkboard and pin images to that, start with small goals and work your way up. Put the vision board somewhere you will see it regularly.
Affirm to yourself on a daily basis of what you want in any area of your life. Start with a couple of affirmations to get used to. Say them in the present tense as if you have already achieved them.

This re-programmes your brain to a new way of thinking. So by repeating them it will set you on a path to change and give you a new self belief.
It takes practice, and you may feel silly talking to yourself or if you looking the mirror while saying them, however if its funny it’s also good for you! Laughing is a medicine too!

Accept 100% personal responsibility for the choices you make in your life and that you are responsible for the direction of your life. You cannot blame others for what you have chosen. It is wise to recognise that you should take an honest look at your attitude, your abilities and your positive points. Its un fair to say life is unfair, that you was born unlucky or blame others for your past mistakes. We are as adult individuals solely responsible for ourselves.

Kim is a qualified Positive Empowerment Coach and runs Positive Thinking Talks in Greater London.

She offers one on one sessions and works with people UK wide.