When we heard the latest news from our friends at tibits we had to pop along as it had been far too long.


We headed to their original London site at Heddon Street around 2pm on a Saturday and it was heaving! Luckily our table was reserved however after we washed our hands and checked out the super buffet boat several tables had cleared so we could check out the vegan options easily.

The chef told us that they are in the process of making everything vegan friendly UNLESS it is labelled as vegetarian. We welcome this move however we do feel that perhaps they would do even better making tibits 100% vegan!

All natural, plant-powered, daily fresh, with something for everyone – that’s tibits…. a distinctively different dining experience.

Tibits tells us: “Everyday the UK buys more than 5 million takeaway boxes, creating enough single-use plastic to fill Hyde Park two times each and every day.”

“So tibits has just launched a ‘BYO’ container scheme, offering 10% off for customers bringing in their own container to take away and also providing a reBOX reusable container for £7, which is refunded on a second visit to tibits. The tibits shop will also be freshly stocked with boxes, bottles and cups, designed for takeaway not throwaway.”

Located across two sites in the heart of London: Heddon Street (Central London) and Bankside (South Bank), tibits is an all-day drinking and dining hotspot for anyone who’s in the game for great-tasting, fresh & healthy, plant-based food: food that’s good for you and good for the planet.

They are best known for their unique buffet-style ‘curate your plate’ offering and pay-by-weight system. Guests have complete control to personalise their meal and determine how much they want to eat – underpinned by the zero waste (controlling your plate so less waste) ethos and a nod towards reducing the impact of climate change.

Spotlight Dishes Include:

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dried Bean, Walnut & Coriander Salad

Vegetable Tartare

Spinach-Kale Falafel

Jalapeño Poppers

Seitan (like Tofu) Bourguignon

Tofu au Vin

Aloo Muddai

Tandoori Cauliflower

Cantonese Fried Rice

Maple Roast Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Green Beans with Za’atar


Vegan Shakhshuka

Kelp Slaw

About tibits

The tibits story began 117 years ago in Switzerland when Ambrosius Hiltl was struck by illness and set about creating a meat-free diet. Being a vegetarian was considered eccentric at the time in Switzerland, a nation of meat-lovers. However, when his illness was cured, he decided to create a restaurant business based on Vegetarianism. 100 years on, and four generations later, Ambrosius’ great grandson, Rolf and his wife Marielle took over the helm of the business.

In the same year, three entrepreneurial brothers, Reto, Christian and Daniel Frei had a dream of owning a modern vegetarian restaurant serving delicious, healthy food in relaxed surroundings from early morning to late at night. The Hiltl’s heard about the project and contacted the Frei brothers. It was a dream partnership and the families formed a bond over their shared passion for delicious, healthy, seasonal vegetarian cuisine.

Together they founded tibits, taking the successful elements and expertise of the Hiltl restaurants and combining them with the passion, drive and innovation of the Frei brothers. Today, 20 years later there are 14 tibits restaurants and the two families still share close ties; united by the desire to explore and expand vegetarian and vegan cooking. 

We LOVE tibits at VeggieVision TV. Karin has been to their restaurant in Zurich and met the Swiss brothers Reto and Daniel Frei.

It may be an era of big vegan burgers (and who doesn’t love a big vegan burger!?) however it is refreshing to see that great, clean, plant based food is still incredibly popular.

See some more photos on the VeggieVision TV Facebook page!

Thank you to tibits for hosting us for lunch for this advertisement feature.