Here at VeggieVision TV we have been using vegan toothpaste for over 20 years. Kingfisher has been a firm favourite and we remember meeting the founder Richard Austin years ago at an event and chatting about the benefits of using a more natural toothpaste.

Toothpaste can contain non vegan ingredients such as glycerine that can come from animal fats as well as dubious flavourings. So if you are embarking on your plant based journey you may decide pretty quickly to clean your teeth with an animal free toothpaste too.

Now there is an abundance of vegan friendly oral care products – some with and some without fluoride. We bring you our favourites…


I have never had anything other than a minty toothpaste before and after trying Woo Bam Boo I am wondering why. Sweet Cinnamon is refreshing and the Marshmallow tastes lovely. My son loves the Bubble Berry and the Vanilla Mint. Just love this range!

TASTE THE PASTE! Naturally flavoured, this paste tastes just like warm, delicious cinnamon bun icing. No spicy cinnamon here! It’ll make your coffee taste BETTER in the morning if you brush beforehand. This toothpaste is not only really, really, ridiculously good-tasting, but it’s also free of any harmful ingredients so, brush safe. Smile happy.

Natural toothpaste that is FREE of any harmful ingredients. Naturally flavoured, gluten free, vegan, and fluoride-free. Packaged in a tube made from plant-based materials that are recyclable.

Ophir Naturals

I have never seen toothpaste like this before! I was really intrigued. It is an acquired taste however I am used to it now. And after the 1st time using this a friend asked if I had whitened my teeth! I was delighted! Will buy again – Love this.

“Our flagship product! The Remineralizing Tooth Salve is changing the way people clean their teeth around the globe!”

Each pellet acts as a single serving of ‘concentrated tooth-paste’, which when re hydrated in the mouth with your own saliva, turns into a paste. Brushing your teeth with this paste will clean and help to refortify your teeth like no other.

Use as a daily cleanser: Lightly chew a pellet of salve into a paste for a few seconds.  Thoroughly brush teeth & gums, paying particular attention to the tongue. Rinse thoroughly.  For best results follow with Ophir Naturals’ Tamiyn Mouthwash.

For a weekly dental treatment, the salve can be chewed into a paste, and held in the mouth for three minutes before brushing.

We also love that this comes in a glass jar!

Ophir Naturals

We have all tried this after brushing with the Ophir tooth salve. A strong taste however I feel it is working. My breath feels fresh and my teeth feel really clean. after using this mouthwash.

Ophir Naturals Tamiyn Purifying Mouthwash with 24k Nano Gold effectively freshens the breath, fights tartar, and assists dental regeneration.

Although they are not permitted to make any medical claims with this product Ophir Naturals tell us that Nano Gold has been shown in numerous clinical studies, to induce regeneration in the human body.  It is also a superior anti-microbial (more so than silver), and anti-inflammatory.

They also tell us that purified Extract of Frankincense is a powerful regeneration simulator and birch extract prevents cavities and helps raise the pH of the mouth (alkalizes).

Magnesium is an excellent tissue conditioner (great for gums + nerves), and improves the body’s utilization of calcium.  Magnesium is also a known transdermal, meaning it has the ability to penetrate cellular membranes, also making membranes (temporarily) more permeable to absorbing other nutrients contained within the mouthwash.

We love that this whitening system also says vegan on the packaging. Easy to use and great results without using harsh chemicals.


Glo32 Teeth Whitening System

Glo 32 – formulated with Coconut Oil for a healthy way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. The Advanced Whitening System Kit, includes a 14 day treatment of Advanced Whitening Strips to lift your smile, and the Advanced Whitening Stilo for on the go whitening.

Glo32 Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Love the taste and even the tube it comes in feels good to use! Quality whitening oral care products that proudly state vegan too.

Glo 32 – formulated with coconut oil for a healthy way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. The toothpaste whitens teeth by gently reducing surface stains and discolouration, and freshens breath to leave you “Glo-ing” in no time! Glo 32 Whitening toothpaste freshens breath and whitens teeth by gently reducing surface stains and discolouration. Non abrasive formula.


I was unsure of this at first. However I have to say after using my teeth have never felt cleaner. A slightly salty taste that isn’t unbearable! It comes in powder form and you simply pop a little bit on the palm of your hand and dab in your toothbrush. I really like this.

Good-Gums powder dissolves in the saliva to become a liquid that can penetrate into crevices and folds, where plaque tends to form.  The dissolved baking soda, French grey sea salt, vitamin-C and herbs have very low abrasiveness, as Good-Gums does not rely on abrasives to clean the teeth.

Good-Gums is a truly healthful dentifrice which has won ardent adherents among people who had profound oral health issues. 

Their results were dramatic enough for them to disregard how unusual it is nowadays to use a powdered dentifrice, and one that is not sweet.  …and to have to rub the toothbrush clean under running water after brushing to prevent dried herbs from coating the toothbrush.  (Good-Gums will not stain teeth or gums.)  The only thing Good-Gums has going for it is how well it works!!

Polished London

The Polished London range is lovely to use. It adds some glamour into cleaning your teeth! Just pop a small toothpaste tablet into your mouth and clean away. So handy to travel with too.

Polished London Toothpaste Tablets are the ‘must have’ for people that are seeking an environmentally friendly toothpaste alternative.

They contain the perfect amount “toothpaste” for brushing your teeth and have been specially formulated to ensure no compromises are made with your oral health.

Our toothpaste tablets are a brilliant alternative to traditional toothpaste. They are natural peppermint flavour, include fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay and are free from synthetic ingredients like SLS.

Polished London

This leave my mouth feeling fresh and a great extra bit of oral hygiene in the middle of day in between brushing.

Specially formulated mouthwash AloeWhite has been designed using the finest naturally derived pure ingredients that help neutralise bad breath bacteria. This incredibly effective mouthwash soothes and relieves the gums whilst leaving the mouth extra “Minty” and naturally clean.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Removes Toxins
  • Helps Neutralise Bacteria
  • Freshens Breath
  • Maintains Gum Health

And if that hasn’t inspired you enough to try out some vegan friendly oral care products The Implant Centre tells us;

  • The NHS estimates 1 in 3 adults have tooth decay.

  • The UK tooth whitening market worth an estimated £40 million. It appears most of us want a ‘whiter’ smile. However, many ‘advertorials’ on social media, particularly ones plugged by celebrities fail to work at all.

  • Gum disease causes bad breath! Want to tell how bad your breath may be – lick your arm, let it dry and have a sniff…just don’t let your date catch you! This will show you what the bacteria on your tongue are producing with regard to bad odours.   Don’t be shocked, we are all the same – but it does help to maintain teeth and gums to the highest possible standard of clean.

  • Apparently one night of grinding your teeth is the equivalent to 20 years of eating with the wear on your teeth. Generally when we’re eating our teeth don’t generally touch but when you grind teeth together the forces can be vast.

  • Human spend 38.5 days of their lives brushing their teeth. The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in their lifetime — enough to fill two swimming pools.

  • Most people don’t clean regularly in between their teeth. Plaque forms at the gum line between the teeth just as much as on the surfaces closest to the cheek and the tongue. It is therefore important to clean daily in between the teeth, either with floss or with interdental brushes, particularly if you are prone to periodontitis.

  • Don’t rinse with water after brushing your teeth, just spit the toothpaste out. It works topically as antibacterial and the fluoride helps strengthen the teeth.

  • If you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 40% of your tooth surfaces.

  • Scraping the upper surface of your tongue with a spoon, will remove the old dead skin cells that coat it, and will help to freshen your breath.

  • Everyone knows red wine can stain teeth, but did you know some of the other worst offenders include curry sauce, balsamic dressing and ketchup!