Irish singer-songwriter Jennifer Faust, The Vegan Songstress releases her first vegan-related track, All of The Animals.


All of The Animals has a powerful vegan and animal rights message with a language twist at the end of the song. “I wanted to emphasise that humans are animals, so the words are switched deliberately from ‘the animals’ to ‘us animals,’” says Jennifer, who wrote and co-produced the track.

All of the Animals is believed to be the first vegan track to come out of Ireland from a vegan singer-songwriter who is also an animal rights activist.

Jennifer describes her song writing in spiritual terms, with lyrics and melodies appearing in her head at the sound of a single note or chord. “On the other hand,” she says, “the lyrics of All of The Animals came to me as I made a cup of tea!,” Jennifer says she can best express herself through art. “I’ve had a slight stammer since childhood, so I often found actually saying what I felt difficult. Art allows me to be articulate,” she says.

“Despite the serious theme, the song is melodic, catchy, and generally uplifting,” Jennifer stated. Jennifer has been a supporter of vegan philosophy since 2017.

Jennifer was born in Dublin, Ireland. Brought up by her poet mother, and in a family in which her great aunt, Natalie P. Gage, was a singer raising funds for charities, her uncle was a published poet, and her father and both grandfathers were band drummers and sometime fiddle players. Jennifer started writing songs at the age of 8. Jennifer also began creating art at an early age and has a FB page called Jennifer Faust Art. In recent years, since going vegan, a great deal of her artworks have expressed themes about the human use of other animals.

All of The Animals is the fourth song Jennifer has released officially. Her previous releases are entitled, All Night Long, Not Gonna Cry, and a dramatic 17-minute song entitled Loving You.

Jennifer is also the patron of the vegan-run animal sanctuary Back Into Daylight, located in Meath, Ireland.

Jennifer has practiced meditation for over 6 years which, she says, keeps her grounded. For more than a decade, Jennifer has been part of a Dublin drama troupe called No Drama Theatre.

Radio presenter Karin Ridgers, who gave All of The Animals its first ever public play, says that she really loves the song. “It’s brilliant,” she said.

Comments have included: “Beautiful song,” “Heartfelt song filled with truth,” “Lovely song,” “This is great,” “Lovely!, ” “More songs please.”

All of The Animals. Written, composed, and co-produced by Jennifer Faust.