Vegans are well catered for at David Moore’s long-standing Michelin-starred restaurant, Pied à Terre, with dedicated à la carte, tasting menus, and Vegan Feast delivery. In the restaurant, dishes include Mushroom Escabeche with Ratte Potatoes and Vegan Honey Truffle, Roscoff Onion in Caramel with Black Quinoa and Red Pepper Consommé, and Artichokes à la Barigoule.

The Vegan Feast, available for delivery every Friday and Saturday, includes Courgette & Cucumber Carpaccio with Vegan Fermentino ‘Cheese’, Chickpea Casserole, and Chocolate Rice Pudding with Figs.

We chat with esteemed restaurateur David and find out more after thoroughly falling in love with the dishes that arrived with us to try out recently.

David and Executive Chef Asimakis Chaniotis


Delighted to speak with you David – the dishes we tried out were simply outstanding, tell us have you seen an increase in people wanting more vegan dishes?  

We have seen a massive increase in the demand for our vegan menus, it is not unusual for over half of the restaurant to be on a vegan menu.

Thats wonderful to hear! We know you are proud of your vegan tasting experience in particular – why is this? 

I am very proud of our vegan tasting menu and thrilled that is so well received. The menu makes pied à terre a more accessible fine dining restaurant for those who are plant-based.  This accessibility and inclusive approach is bringing the restaurant new customers, a new demographic, and a funkier and younger audience which is lovely to see.

Do you remember being asked for a vegan option for the first time and were you annoyed or happy for the challenge!?

Yes, and I remember his name, Nick.  We had a falling-out followed by a making up and remained great friends for nearly 20 years. I don’t see it as a challenge now.

One of the fantastic Vegan Feasts delivered to your door from Pied à Terre

That’s great. We have never had problems this end either.  So what do you feel is the future for vegan food?

The future has to have a big plant-based focus if the planet is to survive.  It is no longer a trend and it will be the fastest growing segment of hospitality in the next ten years, get on board….

Yes! I have been saying to get on board myself for 25 years so it is amazing to see this happening. Tell us what is your favourite vegan recipe?

The chickpea curry that we have on our home delivery. It’s now become a family favourite!

Who inspires you David?

Asimakis Chaniotis (our Executive Chef). His artistry and technique in the development of our restaurant vegan dishes has been amazing. Especially considering he is not a vegan, it makes his cooking all the more remarkable.

And finally what are your plans for the future?

I want to develop the vegan side of our restaurant into a stand-alone business suppling home delivery, along with a supermarket presence.

Sounds fantastic David, thanks again and looking forward to trying out another vegan feast delivery soon!


Pied à Terre is the longest standing independent Michelin Starred restaurant in London and the UK. It was founded in 1991 and is still owned and run by David Moore. Executive Chef Asimakis Chaniotis’s classic French cuisine, with reference to his Greek heritage, is presented in a fashionably elegant and sophisticated setting. Awards have been many over the years, and they are particularly proud of their latest award of No 1 Vegan Tasting Experience in the UK.

The Vegan Feast is £50 for two people and it’s all been designed with travel to your home in mind.

A fantastic treat with flavours that we have never had before! We absolutely love the Vegan feast here at VV TV!!