What tastes better than fresh tomatoes? Perhaps freshly grown tomatoes on everyone’s favourite island – The Isle of Wight!more sunshine more taste websized
The island’s unique microclimate helps The Tomato Stall to grow some of the best tasting tomatoes in the UK, in fact they are the only grower to achieve Great Taste Award status for their fresh tomatoes with their Baby Plum and Piccolo varieties gaining stars in 2014.
The Tomato Stall also sells a selection of tomato based products from chutneys and ketchup to cordial and infused balsamic vinegar, as well as an organic range. All products are available to buy online at: www.thetomatostall.co.uk
We tried some of the products out – all are vegan friendly too. We loved them all!
We asked Paul Thomas co-founder and MD of The Tomato Stall to tell us some more;
How did the business come about?
“The Tomato Stall was founded in 2007 with Paul Thomas and Jeff MacDonald taking freshly picked Isle of Wight Tomatoes to a handful of farmers’ markets within London. At the time markets were a fairly new concept in the city, and within weeks people were queuing down the street to get their hands on tomatoes that tasted like those of childhood memories, with stalls selling out by ten in the morning. As word spread the number of markets grew, and the business began supplying farm shops along the routes into London.”
picker_editedaWhere do you now ship to?
“As well as operating at over 20 farmers’ markets weekly, they now supply farm shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and delis throughout the UK as well as Ocado, The Southern Cooperative and Wholefoods, plus operate a growing online shop.”
What makes the IOW the best place for tomatoes?
“The Tomato Stall’s nursery is located in the fertile and sheltered Arreton valley, where tomatoes have been grown for over 30 years. The Isle of Wight benefits from more sunshine hours than most of the UK as well as the reflection from the surrounding water, making it a great place to grow.”
Are they organic?
“Around 40% are organically grown and 60% conventionally, or non-organic, with many of the organic growing principles including biological pest control utilized throughout the whole nursery. Organics are grown directly into soil whereas conventional tomatoes are grown into a coconut based material known as Coir. The entire growing system is biodegradable and an onsite composting facility creates nutrient for the following year’s organic crops. Varieties are carefully selected for their exceptional flavour, and every tomato is allowed to fully ripen on the vine ensuring the best possible taste.”

What products do you have in your range that are vegan friendly?
“The Tomato Stall’s entire range is suitable for vegans.”
Passata 500ml
Organic Passata 500ml
Juice 500ml / 200ml
Organic Juice 500ml
Gold Juice 500ml / 200ml
Oak Roasted Tomatoes
Oak Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic
Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Basil
Oak Roasted Tomato Balsamic
Ketchup 250ml
Organic Ketchup 250ml
Tomato and Cucumber Cordial 250ml
Green Tomato Chutney 300g
Tomato Relish 300g
Tomato and Chilli Jam 220g
Spiced Tomato Juice 200ml / 250ml / 500ml
Oak Roasted Tomatoes with Chilli and Fennel
We have a full GM Policy in place and do not use GM Foods.
If you love tomatoes as much as we do here at VeggieVision TV check out The Tomato Stall website for more details and to order.