VeggieVision TV’s latest round up is especially for all us chocolate lovers. Why not indulge yourselves with some delicious, creamy, mouthwatering and ever so moreish vegan chocolatey delights…. and we have a round up of some of the best around…

Raw Chocolate Company

Raw Chocolate Company has launched this luxurious tin of vegan organic Spiced Chocolate Almonds.

As the ideal gift and snack, Raw Chocolate Company’s Spice Chocolate Almonds are made with 100% organic ingredients and  sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar and Cacao Butter.

Prepared with festive mixed spices including Cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg.




Ombar’s new range of chocolate has just launched! Ombar Oat M’lk was made with sustainability at its core and has less than half the carbon emissions of ‘regular’ chocolate. There’s more info in the release attached… and this is some of the most delicious chocolate we have tasted! 

The range consists of 4 delicious flavours; Smooth & Creamy Original, Salted Caramel Truffle, Hazelnut, and Fruit & Nut!

3p from every bar sold goes to help Fundacion Jocotoco’s reforestation of the Choco rainforest in Ecuador, where we (sustainably) source our precious cacao.

Ombar Oat M’lk has half the carbon emissions of ‘regular’ milk chocolate and is made with organic, British-grown oats.




The UK’s award-winning vegan and dairy-free confectioner introduces its latest innovative show stopping creations, the ‘Choccy Snack Bar’ – the first dairy free, plant-based chocolate bar range, available at a national scale, to be made in the UK.

Inspired by the nation’s three most popular chocolate bars, Buttermilk has transformed these classic favourites into plant-powered, dairy-free delicious delights that everyone will love!

The perfect pick me up for on-the-go indulgence, the familiar flavours are encased in Buttermilk’s renowned, dairy-free yet rich and creamy choccy. Whether it’s a lifestyle choice, necessity, or you just have good taste, enjoy the indulgence of innovation.

We are LOVING their new bars – pick them up in Sainsburys too! 






Crunchy, roasted hazelnuts and smooth creamy chocolate. It’s time for a Prodigy reinvention of that mouth-watering classic. Their Chunky Hazelnut Chocolate bars are crafted from organic whole roasted hazelnuts, rich and vibrant cacao and just a dash of sea salt — delivering a luscious, velvety chocolate that’s brimming with natural goodness.

Free from a lot as well. Free from dairy, refined sugar, palm oil and gluten. Instead, they craft these delights using all-natural ingredients that cut down sugar content by 65%. Sugar-defying ingredients like raw lucuma — the Peruvian superfruit bursting with vitamins and minerals, and raw cacao nibs — bold chocolate flavour that’s packed with rejuvenating antioxidants. Natural snacking just got indulgent.


Playin Choc

The winning formula is just three natural and organic ingredients. The deliciously smooth and creamy chocolate is a combination of gently roasted cacao, which is grown on small family-owned farm collectives in Peru (certified slave free, child labour free and animal labour free), Madagascan Bourbon vanilla and vitamin rich coconut.

These ingredients are certified by the Soil Association, which enables a reduction in pollution and soil erosion, increase in soil fertility and uses less energy. The two flavours include a Single Origin Peruvian Dark 70% and a brand new Single Origin Peruvian Vegan M•lk which can also be found in the ToyChoc Box™ – chosen by kids and dairy-free!




Läderach – the family-owned premium Swiss chocolate company – is renowned by many as the brand that creates some of the freshest, highest quality and responsibly-sourced artisanal chocolates in the world, Läderach is the largest chocolate retailer in Switzerland with approximately 1,000 employees and over 100 stores worldwide, including three in the UK – the flagship atelier on Regent Street, in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and in Harrods’ new Chocolate Hall.

These three vegan chocolate tablets have been created by the current reigning World Chocolate Master, Elias Läderach, and each bar comes with a link on the packaging to take you to a video to conduct a thorough tasting of the bars, the cocoa amounts on each are:

  • 64% Cocoa
  • 70% Cocoa
  • 80% Cocoa 

And even the highest percentage tastes so smooth…… we love this!



The HiP range is handmade blending sustainably-sourced single origin Colombian cocoa with creamy oat milk. Each bar has approximately 30% less sugar than your average high street dairy milk chocolate bar plus more cocoa (41%). Targeted at the younger end of the market, the bars feature striking, contemporary designs with 100% plastic free packaging. And yes, we can confirm, they taste as good as they look!

Smooth & Creamy: Our original oat milk chocolate bar. Deliciously creamy oat milk chocolate blended with the finest single origin cocoa from Colombia.

Cookies NO Cream: A deliciously creamy oat milk chocolate bar packed with crunchy cookies. An unbeatable combination!

Salted Caramel: A modern-day classic. Deliciously creamy oat milk chocolate blended with sea salt and caramel.

Salty Pretzel:  A sweet savoury taste sensation! Deliciously creamy oat milk chocolate partnered with salty, crunchy pretzels.



Canned Wine Co

Now what is better than vegan chocolate? Vegan wine with vegan chocolate of course! Enjoy a selection of award-winning wines with ultra-premium organic chocolate!

The ultra-premium Peruvian gold cacao in the accompanying 70% Gran Chililique chocolate makes for a fruity, honeyed palate and lingering notes of nuts and caramel.

The wines and chocolate were selected to pair together nicely, so enjoy sipping away and indulging in a chocolate treat!

Try the full selection of our award winning wines; Grüner, Grenache Rosé and Old Vine Garnacha and discover wines #toogoodtobottle!

Grüner Veltliner Our classic style Grüner pops with fresh acidity, it has a voluptuous and fresh mid-palate of peaches and green apple with a zingy finish that’s bursting with citrus and spicy white pepper. Zum Wohl!



HAPPi’s Hot Chocolate Spoons

We LOVE these VEGAN hot chocolate spoons! They make the most delicious hot chocolate! HAPPi’s Hot Chocolate Spoons are produced using oat m!lk and sustainably-sourced 47% Cacao, which is made with Single Origin Colombian Cacao from Luker Chocolate – with no added soya – making this treat rich and creamy, whilst also being vegan friendly and gluten free.

Their Hot Chocolate Spoons are so easy to use; simply stir them into warmed coconut, oat, soya or other milk alternatives, to create a creamy, chocolatey and warming winter drink that everyone can enjoy.

The HAPPi brand is about great quality, healthier free from alternatives to popular indulgent treats and snacks. HAPPi sources its chocolate ethically and packages it sustainably.











Thanks to these lovely companies for sending us their delights to sample.