Over the last few decades there has been a huge body of research published on the benefits for health of Omega 3 oils.  Yet a high percentage of the population is still deficient in these highly beneficial fats. They are known to contribute to the health of many of our body systems particularly;

  • They contribute to the health of the cardio vascular system. In particular they are helpful to improve blood pressure and reduce tryglyceride levels.
  • They are necessary for brain health. In particular they are necessary for development of children’s brains and are good to take during pregnancy.
  • They contribute to eye health.
  • They are beneficial to improve mental health and reduce cognitive decline.
  • They may also improve joint and bone health.
  • They are good for the skin, improving hydration and reducing the effects of skin ageing.
  • They can help fight inflammation particularly cytokines.
  • They are helpful for children’s development and of particular value to those suffering from ADHD.

Vegans will tell you that it’s the algae that fish eat that provides omega-3, so best to just go to the source!

Omega 3 fats are important for the integrity of our cells. As a consequence they are fundamentally important to every part of our body systems. However the diets of many people are very deficient in Omega 3 fats with people consuming excess amounts of Omega 6 oils, particularly from processed foods.

Roddy MacDonald founder and director of Scottish based family run Water for Health Ltd says;

“One of the best sources of Omega 3 oils that is in the readily absorbed EPA and DHA forms is fish oils. However that does present a problem for vegans. Many vegans have chosen to consume vegetable oils such as flax oils. Flax Seed oils are a rich source of ALA (Omega 3), however it is often not readily broken down into EPA and DHA which the body utilises best.”

“To date there has not been a readily available alternative source of Omega 3 oils for vegans. However European supplier of high quality oils (WHC) has recently introduced an Omega 3 capsule for vegans with Omega 3’s derived from algae.”

These capsules give a good daily supply of EPA and DHA.  This now offers an attractive non fish option to supply the body’s Omega 3 requirements, which are vitally important for the health of our cells and the optimal functioning of our body systems.

WHC products are exclusively supplied in the UK by Water for Health (water-for-health.co.uk)

Water for Health Ltd began trading in 2007 with the goal of positively affecting the lives of many. We still retain that mission because we believe that proper hydration and nutrition can make a massive difference to people’s health and quality of life.

Key Features:

  • 800mg Omega-3
  • 265mg EPA, 465mg DHA
  • Supports the brain, heart and vision
  • Superior rTG form for better absorption
  • 100% Vegan
  • Made using cold and environmentally friendly technology
  • Third party certified for purity