We are delighted that Bert Beagley-Brown the founder of TOG Knives shares some tips and tricks with us using their fantastic and professional Nakiri vegetable knife.

Chopping and dicing vegetables;  This characteristic Japanese double-bevel blade shape is optimised for vegetables and has quite a cult following. Its thin blade slices easily and its large surface can be used to scoop up food. We’ve added a little curve to allow some “rock-chopping” as well as up/down chopping and the rounded corner prevents it catching on the board.



Bert also tells us;

“The best ways of storing your knives are on a magnetic knife block or rack. These methods display the knives well and also protect your blades. A knife roll is a great way of transporting knives. Whatever you choose, make sure the blades are protected and that the knives are dry.”

We have tested out the Nakiri vegetable knife and is has changed our way of preparing vegetables. We are looking forward to sharing more knife skills with you soon.

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