Talk To The Animals – Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid
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Please support this amazing year long project by passionate fellow veggie Debbie Curtis….

Over 30 STARS & CELEBS from Music, Stage & Screen. have created ‘Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid’. The 2 track charity single is available at iTunes NOW! as a pre-order, in aid of the VIVA! (An international voice for animals)


2 Songs on the Single ‘Talk To The Animals’ & ‘All The Same’ at iTunes NOW!
Full Video Release In December!

With the voices of :- Jerome Flynn, Hazel O’Connor, Dave Spikey,Jenny Seagrove, Kerry Ellis, Hayley Mills, Macka B, Uri Geller, Jilly Johnson, Josef Brown, Sue Cook, Virginia McKenna, David Van Day, Janey Lee Grace, Carol Royle, Alan Ford, Jared Paul, Simon O’Brien, Liza Goddard, David Hamilton, Cindy Jackson, Sophie Shaw, Sue Moxley, Owen Paul, CJ de Mooi, Polly Browne, Harry Stone, Vince Hill, Sue Jameson, Bob Kingsley, Sarah-Jane Honeywell, Dale Vince, Alexandra Bastedo, Anneka Svenska, Victoria Eisermann, Terry Ackland Snow, Ziggie Sky Ward, Pola Pospieszalska, Glenn Tilbrook, Sonya Fitzpatrick, Trevor Weeks, Anthony Haighway & Juliet Gellatley!

So Debbie what inspired  you to do this?

I wanted to try and raise awareness of animal cruelty with the idea of getting to a wider audience – and try to stop people turning the proverbial blind eye to what really happens to animals – particularly in the food industry – I hope by using music and releasing it at Christmas time this will help to get the message across, and that it will encourage more people to question the treatment of animals and what they eat .

I get very cross at short term consumerist policies, which is what the whole food industry is about, ! No compassionate society should tolerate any form of factory farming, its degrading and discusting, unfortunately the governments primary concern is not about the planet …

So basically I want to try and make a difference and using the BIG BAND ( my real job )  I hope I can spread the message and take it somewhere towards some positive changes

How much work went into bringing this all together?

24/7 !!  A huge amount – I first started putting it together last December ( the 8th to be exact ! ) – so it has been a yearlong project –  I have used every favor from friends family and work collegues etc. !! and I have traveled all over the country – but I have also met some amazing people and made some great friends along the way – we are all supporting the same cause – so although it has been a humongous amount of work and a long trek it has been a very rewarding time too.

Are you veggie or vegan?

Yes I am vegetarian and about 90% vegan almost fully there!

So tell us more about why veggie Debbie?

I grew up with many animals living in the countryside and even from a young age I would not and never have eaten lamb – so it started there and it wasn’t long before I dropped meat completely, personally I see no justification in killing for the sake of my palette and taste –- I strongly believe we don’t need to kill animals – we can lead a healthy and longer life without needing to eat meat and cause pointless suffering. The average Brit eats 11,047 animals in a life time which I find a very disturbing fact.

And Debbie what drew her to support the super Viva! team?

I came across and article on Foie Gras a while back in a magazine and it mentioned VIVA! I  did some research and found that VIVA! Were actually active in getting things done, places shut down and creating change and so took it from there.

Thank you for asking me and supporting the cause  – Have a Great Christmas!


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