Created by renowned Instagram star Gaz Oakley, aka Avant-Garde Vegan, with Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian 1/4lb Pulled Pork Burgers, the ‘Slammin’ Sriracha’ Burger recipe is loaded with lip-smacking goodness – oozing with spicy sriracha rainbow slaw and topped with crunchy cucumber ribbons, coriander and sesame seeds. The ultimate indulgence, that just so happens to be 100% vegan.
Gaz Oakley says, “I’m super proud to work with Linda McCartney’s – Linda was the original pioneer of the vegetarian revolution and her ethos has been a huge inspiration to me. I can’t wait for people to try the Slammin’ Sriracha and see just how hearty, simple and downright delicious vegan food can be. Big love.”

Serves 4
4 Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Pulled Pork 1/4lb Burgers
2 tbsp Vegetable oil, for frying

4 Toasted Burger buns

Sriracha Rainbow Slaw
12 Carrots, peeled & grated
100g Red Cabbage, finely shredded
1 Red Onion, thinly sliced
6 tbsp Vegan Mayonnaise
3 tbsp Sriracha Sauce

Fresh Coriander Leaves
Sprinkling of Black & White Sesame Seeds
Cucumber Ribbons
Additional Sriracha (optional)


  1. First up, prepare your garnishes. Peel and grate the cabbage and onions for the slaw, and prep your cucumber ribbons.
  2. When you’re ready to serve, pre heat your frying pan over a high heat & add the oil.
  3. When the pan is hot add the burgers & fry for 10-12 minutes, turning halfway through.
  4. Meanwhile, mix together the slaw ingredients in a mixing bowl. Set aside until you’re ready to serve. Pop your burger buns in the toaster.
  5. Once the burgers are cooked, place them in your toasted burger buns and load up on toppings – add dollops of sriracha slaw, and pile high with cucumber ribbons and tasty garnishes for the ultimate indulgence.