We loved trying this new vegan friendly skincare range. The products are light and are absorbed easily without leaving our skin greasy. 
We met the company at an event as well recently and they are lovely people too – and treated us to one of their Hydrate and Refresh sprays… and it is regularly sprayed on faces in the office!
Sönd is a new anti-ageing skincare range specifically for sensitive and dermatitis-prone skin.
Harnessing the incredible natural power of silica, Sönd is a four-fold breakthrough skincare system that boosts collagen production and strengthens skin’s elasticity, firming the skin, while also treating the common, and often debilitating concerns of eczema and psoriasis.
Founded in 2015, Sönd debuts in the UK market this winter after three years in development with a team of German scientists and backed by independent research.
We were fascinated to learn that silicon is the second most common element on the planet after oxygen and is most commonly found in nature as quartz (also known as silica).
It is naturally present in our bodies when we are born, however there is no substitute for the essential role silica plays and it is an important therapeutic substance that maintains our overall health.
From a beauty perspective, silica makes skin ‘glow’. Collagen consists largely of silica and as we age, the supply of silica in our bodies is exhausted and in turn, reduces collagen production.
Sönd uses a dual approach to ensure that the delivery of silica, in its pure mineral form, is as effective as possible. Due to its ability to form stable bonds with oxygen, silica creates bonds between protein molecules, which are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to retain water, critical for skin repair and skin renewal.
Silica boosts hydration in the skin, is a natural anti-inflammatory and increases the elasticity of blood vessels; improving the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin’s cells.
The Sönd skincare collection consists of 4 individual products; Energising Mineral Supplements, Hydrating Face Spray, Revitalising Face Serum and Replenishing Face Oil used in combination to treat the issues of dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.
Each product features the most essential ingredients to deliver silica efficiently to the skin, so as to minimise potential irritations. The products are paraben free and have as few ingredients as possible…. and is a firm favourite now at VeggieVision TV!
Sönd sample sets are £25 and you can find out more here too: www.sondskin.co.uk.