It has been fun here at VV TV trying the most refreshing and tasty soft drinks and giving you our super VeggieVision TV viewer a round up of some of our favs…. and best of all – no nasty ingredients!

Starting off with Ugly….. we loved adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice to this no carb sparkling drink.

UGLY are the UK’s best-loved fruit-infused sparkling water brand.  Flavours include Lemon & Lime, Triple Berry, Tropical and Peach. All the drinks in the range are 100% natural, with absolutely no calories or sweeteners and are refreshingly vegan.

Cawston Press have launched a new range of sparkling waters for those wanting an everyday go to that’s less sweet than your average soft drink – but much tastier and exciting than plain water.

Available in two flavours, Ginger & Lemon or Raspberry, they’re a simple blend of British sparkling spring water, a twist of Cawston’s pressed juice and natural extracts.  No added sugar, no artificial nonsense and no shortcuts.

According to their Head of Taste, Micah Carr Hill, “Flavoured sparkling waters are seeing huge growth in the UK[1], but they can be austere or taste artificial. So with Cawston Dry, our focus was flavour. Adding a twist of our pressed juice and natural fruit extracts, makes for a much more rounded finish; a refreshing but dry profile that tastes of real fruit. That little splash of our renowned pressed juice makes a big difference.”

Sister’s Infused Soda Inspired by Elizabeth Franklin, who pioneered the Franklin & Sons brand alongside her three brothers in Victorian Britain. Elizabeth’s passion for taste and quality have been combined with unique flavour trends to create refreshingly light infused Soda Waters.

Our reviewers loved these with a few ice cubes and a slice of lime.

Lightly carbonated, the refreshing flavour combinations have been crafted using fruit extracts and a touch of British sugar beet. Delicious on the go, or the perfect way to create an occasion for the non-alcohol moment – low in calories, but still full of flavour.

All Franklin & Sons drinks use only natural flavours, extracts & colours and never include preservatives or sweeteners.

Kolibri Drinks are a pioneering botanical drinks brand, born out of the rising trend for healthy, non-alcoholic and sophisticated drinks.

A large bottle that can serve 2, our reviewer loved the glass bottle too!

Kolibri was created to offer the mindful consumer a healthy, bespoke drinking experience. With only 0-40 calories per bottle (around a third of a gin and tonic!), and 100% natural ingredients it’s created to be the go-to non-alcoholic drink for the conscious consumer.

Offering three delicious flavours – Cardamon & Chilli, Strawberry & Basil, and Elderflower & Lime – the lightly carbonated drink offers a cocktail-esque experience, best served over ice in a balloon glass. What’s more, the flavour profile can be tailored to the individual’s choice as it comes separately in an innovative squeezable cap.

Kolibri is made to be the low-calorie, alcohol-free solution for those seeking to live a more mindful, that does not compromise on flavour.