I don’t really go for breakfast to be honest….. I don’t usually fancy eating first thing in the morning so I may have a pint of lemon water or just regular filtered water when waking and then have something an hour or 2 later. One of my favourite brunches in this… easy to make and full of good stuff for the mid morning that will keep you filled up for hours….. eggless
We have warm lemon water with a 1/4 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and half a teaspoon of matcha tea…. really gives you a ‘zing’!
One lemon for a pint of water, freshly squeezed with half cold water then topped up with boiled water.
Next we have my “Swedish Smoothie” so called as we had this first in Sweden and it has to be one of my all time favourites…. blend organic apple juice with an avocado and again add a freshly squeezed lemon. All to taste.
1 Avocado and 1 lemon will make 2 good size glasses of this creamy delicious smoothie.
Then we have scrambled eggless on a bagel (beigel!) with lightly warmed cherry plum tomatoes… so you have 3 of your “5” a day, carbohydrates in the bagel (have wholemeal if you prefer) detoxing lemon juice and protein packed tofu.
We usually have this mashed and lightly fried in a tiny amount of olive oil  with sea salt or mixed with grated dairy free cheese. Spread the bagel with dairy free butter first.
Variations include added fried onions or melted cheese on the bagel too. 
Do send us you favourite vegan brunch time meals! 
Enjoy knowing nothing suffered or died for your plate!