The plant-based seafood revolution has officially begun. Revo Salmon, the brand-new plant-based smoked salmon from Austria, is now available in the UK thanks to a partnership with the popular grocery delivery start-up GreenBay.

Long awaited in the UK, Revo Salmon is the ultimate plant-based seafood alternative. Often described as “better than [conventional] salmon”, this exciting new product has gained popularity amongst seafood lovers and omnivores, beyond its vegan fans.

Currently present in more than 15 European countries, Revo Foods says: “Revo Salmon is for everyone. For those who like the taste of salmon and dislike mercury.

  • For people who have suffered a seafood allergy.
  • For consumers who miss their smoked salmon bagels and can’t forget “Seaspiracy”.
  • For the curious customers that are always on the look for new delicious products.
  • For anyone who, for any reason, decided to eliminate fish from their diet.”

Revo Salmon is made of pea proteins, plant oils, and algae extracts, (being a great source of proteins), Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins D and B12. This makes Revo Salmon a healthier and delicious alternative to conventional smoked salmon.  

It can be enjoyed in wraps, sandwiches, bagels, makis, pasta dishes or even as a pizza topping. The product is made sustainably in Austria and it is free of soya, allergens and harmful heavy metals.

Swapping from regular salmon to Revo’s plant-based smoked salmon provides a solution to one of the world’s current environmental threats, overfishing. Current destructive overfishing methods have a large impact on the environment, hurting local economies and being one of the main causes of entire species going extinct.

Without compromise to the delicious, well-loved ‘salmon-taste’ and dense nutritional content, this product uses 77-86% less CO2 and 95% less water than fish salmon. So far, the company has calculated a total of 2000 salmons saved, set to increase dramatically with GreenBay bringing the product onto the UK market. 

Plant-Based grocery delivery start-up GreenBay is leading the way in providing plant-based alternatives for UK consumers, with a selection of 1200+ curated brands available via their online platform (with UK carbon neutral Next Day Delivery), as well as their London Flagship store, with super-fast 15 min local delivery.

GreenBay has recently launched their B2B arm, connecting innovative UK & European brands with business across the UK. Some of their B2B portfolio brands include popular dairy alternative brands New Roots & Vegusto, as well as alternative protein powerhouse Omnifoods.

Co-CEO Paula Alcalde says,

“GreenBay’s mission is to make it easy, fun and convenient for everyone to discover new and emerging brands that are positively impacting the planet, and Revo Foods is exactly that”.

She adds “For us, accessibility is key. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental & ethical impact of their diets, and they want to make better choices. Our aim is to facilitate this change, showing people how small swaps can have a huge impact.”