Peace On Your Plate, a musical collective aiming to spread a message of peace and positivity, are back with their second single – ‘Ask Me Why’.

It is now available to download and stream. The song will be raising money for Animal Aid, which campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. An official music video, filmed at Maypole Forest Garden, a sustainable project run by one of the band members, will accompany the launch of the track.

‘Ask Me Why’ was recorded remotely during lockdown and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Ed Sheeran, Blur, Radiohead). The song was written by Ian Haywood and is about the many times he has been asked ‘why are you vegan?’ 

Ian says:

“I wrote Ask Me Why in around 40 mins as a direct response to people asking me why I am vegan. I wanted to turn the whole question around in reply by saying the real question here is ‘why are you not vegan?’ But there is also a second turnaround in the song. What starts as a defensive reply ends as an all encompassing rally cry for the world to go vegan listing some of the great benefits and ultimately empowering people to make that change!”

The collective’s first single – ‘Peace On Your Plate’ – was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and released on 13th December 2019. It reached number 5 in the Amazon chart, number 7 in the Google chart and number 48 in the official UK downloads chart for Christmas 2019. The song aimed for the first vegan Christmas number 1 and raised money for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and Viva!

This time around, Peace On Your Plate are aiming for 1 million people to hear ‘Ask Me Why’. They also want to raise as much money as possible for Animal Aid.

“We are absolutely delighted that Peace on Your Plate has kindly decided to raise money for Animal Aid through its new single ‘Ask Me Why’. This positive and uplifting song carries an important message of compassion for animals, and inspires people to choose a cruelty-free diet. We are extremely grateful to Peace on Your Plate and would encourage everyone to listen to the single and ask your friends to do the same!” Isobel Hutchinson, Director, Animal Aid 

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 Animal Aid 

Animal Aid is one of the UK’s largest animal rights groups. It is also one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977. Our ultimate vision is of a world that is free from animal abuse and exploitation.