Noah Huntley the rather gorgeous British actor has been in a ton of films and TV shows including Emmerdale, Holby City, 28 Days Later, Dracula Untold, Snow White and the Huntsmen and is now appearing in a hilarious looking programme on E! Entertainment with Elizabeth Hurley; The Royals.  Noah Huntley
Despite the high flying, celebrity mingling and high profile modelling too Noah is a yoga loving fellow vegetarian, so yes girls all of our Christmases have come at once.
Noah is a long term veggie of around 15 years after being raised pretty much vegetarian – being one of 8 children the choice was made for financial reasons.
In between filming Noah kindly chatted about his veggie views and we find out all of the important details such as veggie burger or hotdog……

  • Hey Noah how wonderful to meet you a fellow vegan and rather amazing actor too, you know I remember when I was 3 asking my dad if all actresses have to have blue eyes….. (I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes) and when he said no I knew that’s all I wanted to be…. A film actress…… Have you always wanted to be an actor?

No it just kind of worked out that way. I am still open to getting a real job!

  • Haha…. So got to start with how and when you went veggie?

I go between vegetarian and being a full on vegan and for around 15 years now. Mainly inspired by meditative practice and later through common sense and ethical considerations. 
Personally I found myself becoming very limited as a carnivore. Going Veggie opened up my mind I am found myself using more ingredients more creatively too.

  • You must spend a lot of time in America with all of the super films you have been in now….. so veggie wise the UK or America?

California has an all year round great climate and New York has a good number of options – and you make it work wherever reallyWhen I am travelling a lot I often resort to vegetarianism and end up with the cheesy pasta dish and salad.  

  • We know that you too like to start the day with some exercise…

I love running and some weights / yoga generally form part of my daily exercise routine.

  • We have a feeling you are not a “junk food veggie”, however we may be wrong! What’s a typical day food wise for you? 

Quinoa has become a good friend! A smoothie for breakfast with some fresh fruit and acai. Carrots, celery with hummus/ guacamole, baked tofu and salads.  When I am travelling a lot I often resort to vegetarianism and end up with the cheesy pasta dish and salad.  
Noah Huntley - Paul Smith

  • How do your acting friends and co stars regard your vegetarianism? Curious? Not bothered?

I really don’t know. I usually just follow my own path. Generally it’s a mixed response from people – they get attached to what their familiar with.
I am generally discreet. It’s a personal lifestyle choice. I like the fact that Albert Einstein is quoted saying, “The future of humanity lies in vegetarianism.”

  • So when we come round your place for dinner what will we expect?

Delicious food.

  • You are rather a cool model too, how did you get into this?

I met an agent in LA and later in London who gave me the opportunity and then I just kept working.

  • We are looking forward to The Royals it looks like it’s going to be great fun to watch. It must have been super fun to film?

Yes it shot in London with a wonderful crew and cast and I particularly enjoyed working with Elizabeth and her son Damian was never far with everyone’s lines memorised if we forgot anything!  
So finally……

  • What do you wish was vegan and isn’t yet?

Shoes… more please.

  • Vegan hot dog or vegan burger?

I’d probably eat a vegan burger over a hot dog.

  • Juicing or smoothies?

Smoothies in winter. Juicing in summer.

  • Home cooked or restaurant?

Home cooked mainly.

  • Chips or mash?

Generally mash.

  • Acting or modelling?

A good acting piece beats a good modelling job. But a bad modelling job beats a bad acting job.

  • Anything else you we should have asked you Noah?

So much and there’s always tomorrow…!

  • Thanks again for talking with us and for being an outstanding advocate for being vegetarian.

Twitter: @noahhuntley
Instagram: @noahhuntley

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