Here at VeggieVision TV we are delighted to support and share the brand new ‘veganimation’ from Vegetarian for Life.
Drawing attention to how older vegans may be overlooked by caterers in the care sector, this super clip also highlights the many ways in which the charity Vegetarian for Life can help.
Len Till is the star of their new feature: a well-liked older gentleman, a grandad, and a committed vegan. Len now has his meals provided for him and is facing a limited range of meals – often a sad and limp-looking salad.
However, help is at hand. Through support and advice, Vegetarian for Life makes the caterer more aware of how important veganism is to Len, and the wide range of food options that are now available.

Len is not alone. Figures just released during National Vegetarian Week have shown a 360% rise in the number of vegans in Britain over the past decade (1). There are already more than 70,000 vegans aged over 65 in Britain, with this number set to rise rapidly in the coming years. This increase will be driven by the ageing of younger vegans – of which there are already nearly half a million.
Amanda Woodvine, Director of Vegetarian for Life tells us more;
“In the coming years, the care sector will be faced with an increasing demand for vegan dietary choice. In this context, the work of VfL will become increasingly important in making sure that older vegans and vegetarians are served healthy, nutritious and tasty meals!”
The veganimation summarises how VfL works as a charity. Through our training and resources we support, empower and reward caterers in the care sector. Caterers gain a better understanding of vegetarianism and veganism and the many meal options available. Hence they will feel more confident and capable when meeting future dietary requests.
Just as importantly, this work empowers those who have their meals provided by the care sector. In our veganimation, Len now knows that there is a charity that will support him and that he can feel reassured that his vegan diet will be respected.
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(1) In partnership with Vegan Life magazine, the Vegan Society has been working with leading researchers Ipsos MORI, and have surveyed almost 10,000 people aged 15 or over across England, Scotland and Wales – the biggest ever poll quantifying the vegan community.