12940855_1726351720969950_1159033311_nThe VeggieVision TV reviewers have been trying out some new vegan friendly drinks. We love trying new products that have natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce rather than scary chemical laden aspartame filled drinks!

Here are the best so far…. 
POW is a sparkling natural energy water that was created as a healthier natural alternative to existing energy drinks.  Based out of Dorset on the south coast they are a small independent company and are excited to announce to have launched nationwide in Boots as part of their ‘meal deal’ –  which is a huge milestone for POW!

POW is a natural and refreshing energy drink that stimulates and hydrates when you need it most.  POW contains natural caffeine from guarana to revitalise, Vitamin B to stimulate, ginseng root for sharp thinking and sparkling water to hydrate.  With only 10 calories per 100ml from natural fruit sugars and no added sugar or colourings.
Available in three sparkling flavours – Cranberry & Apple, Citrus & Zest, Coconut & Lime.

We LOVED the Coconut & Lime.and although we haven’t tried it yet we just wanted to add a splash of Malibu!
Tg green tea is a tasty pick-me-up refresher that’s also low in sugar, it is a refreshing green tea infusion with a sprinkling of ginseng brewed using tea leaves not extract.

Their Tg green tea with mandarin & ginseng has attracted energy drink drinkers who want something healthier and still tasting “familiar”. The mandarin & ginseng is a firm fav with the VV TV reviewers and their Tg green tea with jujube & ginseng brings us a new superfood!

Also try out their pyramid green tea tea bags… this tea tastes clean and is a natural pick me up. 
They are also proud members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies. “We share a vision of a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.”

Naturelly is a naturally fun and fruity refreshing juicy jelly snack made with scrumptious fruit juice and a special gelatine free wibbly jelly. thumbnail_summer fruit straw heartThis jelly juice naturally helps fill up little tummies until meal time and helps stop
those cravings for sugary snacks after school or nursery. In fact it’s a school approved product and we’ve also been approved by the vegetarian and coeliac societies too. Also as it’s a jelly it doesn’t spill in your car!

  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • 100% of the RDA of vitamin C
  • 70% real fruit juice
  • Gelatin-free. Perfect for vegans, vegetarians and children who follow a religious diet
  • Special natural filling jelly to keep children fuller for longer
  • Only 36 kcal per pouch

Our reviewers loved this – handy for packed lunches too. It feels like a “naughty treat” and it’s all good stuff!