Such an exciting time for new vegan products and we are delighted to bring you this fabulous round up of things that every vegan and non vegans need to try! From delicious vegan pies, home cooking kits, dairy free chocolate and tasty olive oil. Everything for post Veganuary 2021!

Pure Heavenly

“We enjoyed the orange and salty caramel in particular. A really lovely treat and makes a lovely gift too for anyone who loves chocolate.”

Pure Heavenly has launched range of low sugar (less than 2%) dairy free milk chocolate bars – replacing milk with rice cream for a creamy chocolate with all the mouthfeel of a milk chocolate. It’s very hard to replicate a milk chocolate bar without adding LOTS of sugar, so it’s hugely innovative (they’ve sold more than a million bars online!).

The 15 strong chocolate range is dairy, gluten, soy, GMO and palm oil free. There are Coconut, Silk, Orange, Salted Caramel, Fruit and Nut and Raspberry flavours and they also offer a gorgeous gift box at (£26).


“Not only are these delicious but they are also a great way to get the family together to create a tasty and healthy meal. I love the hummus – it tastes more fresh than shop bought or home made! “

Kookaloney  and its new range of vegan Levantine meal kits that take the faff out of falafels and make preparing hummus hassle-free ideal vegan party food.

  • Kookaloney’s dry hummus mix is a low fat, protein rich snack that you can whip up in 15 minutes flat.
  • The authentic recipes have been made in the traditional Middle Eastern way and have been curated in-situ by Kookaloney  and tweaked by Lebanese Master Chef Joe Barza to ensure they hit the spot tastewise.
  • Each and every spice and ingredient is carefully sourced for quality and flavour profile to ensure it is as delicious as it can be.
  • Kookaloney kits are GMO free, contain no palm oil, and the Falafel and Hummus kits are vegan-friendly.

Kookaloney is on Amazon from £ 4.62 per kit and £ 2.78 per dry mix. For more information and culinary inspiration from Kookalney click here.

Grateful Pies

“Such a delicious pie – no skimping on the filling. And such a lovely story finding the recipes in her grandmothers recipe book.”

Inspired by the classic French-Canadian Tourtière, a Grateful Pie is made with a light olive oil crust and a delicious filling of green lentils flavoured with Bramley apple, onion, celery, mushroom, potato and seasoned with aromatic spices. Designed to be shared each pie measures 9” serving six. The pies are the perfect communal food and can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Following the discovery of my grandmothers recipe over twenty years ago I have been showing my gratitude to friends and family with this pie ever since” says founder Farika. “I have always believed in the sharing of food as one of the most significant ways to show love and friendship and this feels like the right time to extend this sentiment outside my kitchen; it resonates with how families are coming together to eat and the act of showing compassion and generosity.”


Symposium Olive Oil

“This tastes fantastic. Simply with bread or added to one of my home made vegan soups. LOVE this oil.”

Limited edition, small-batch, organic: extra virgin olive oil from the Greek island paradise of Zakynthos is recognised around the world for its fine, fruity flavour. The island’s many olive terraces produce compact fruit packed with goodness. In addition, every one of Symposium Olive Oil’s hand-selected garlic bulbs has been aged in small batches – stewed in its own juices – producing a definitive black garlic that has gone on to be matured for up to six months.

Symposium Olive Oil brings these two super foods together for the first time ever to make a ‘hyperfood’ – the Original Cold-Pressed Black Garlic Olive Oil – the world’s first ever cold-pressing of black garlic into olive with huge health benefits. Pressing and bottling happens in the same state-of-the-art facility, guaranteeing that only the finest organic, single-origin olives are used.


Treat Trunk

“A fantastic way to have yummy treats for all the family, a great selection and best of all they are vegan!”

Treat Trunk’s full-size treat trunk contains 22-25 fun, tasty, vegan friendly, healthy snacks. Their mini version contains 12-15 goodies.

You will find a selection of premium, real food, delicious snacks in each box and if buying a one off or mini subscription box you can customise the box to adults, kids or both.

“We discovered many excellent snacks that contained sugar but in a much lower amount than regular sweets and also with balanced macros (fats and/or proteins alongside the carbs) which helps stabilise your blood sugar and prevent spiking.”

They take a holistic approach to health in that they consider the overall health of a product when all the ingredients are taken into consideration and that meant that some products with a small amount of refined sugar could be considered healthier than others with a higher, unrefined sugar content.


Agua de Madre

“A refreshing drink, lightly sparkling and knowing that it is so good for you too is amazing”.

Agua de Madre has launched two new delicious flavours Passion Fruit & Raspberry and Elderflower & Apple.  Packed with goodness each bottle of Agua has an incredible 55 billion live cultures per 100ml.

Being a probiotic, water kefir is recognised for its gut healing properties.  Probiotics are live microorganisms which when consumed improve or restore the gut flora. Studies have found that this may help improve digestion, reduce IBS symptoms, and may in turn help cognitive and mental wellbeing.    Water kefir is currently regarded as one of the best sources of dietary probiotic.   The key to a good probiotic is the cultures need to live through your stomach and into your intestines.  Research has shown that water kefir with its high volume of live cultures is easily absorbed and has the biggest impact on your gut health.

We also enjoyed their Remedio Naturale … this is a ginger and lemon infusion, a sustainable bi-product from the fermentation process of making Agua de Aadre. Just add to hot water and enjoy!

Annie’s Vegan Treats

“Some of the best chocolate we have ever had. The Chocolate Honeycomb is far too good! Thick chocolate and a perfect crunch, the salty bark is delicious and the heart shaped chocolates feel super indulgent – and without super inflated prices too – will definitely buy again . 

Julie Arthur tells us;

“It all started about 7 years ago, when I made some vegan chocolates for a work friend who was constantly left out. Everyone loved them.  A business idea was born and I had a couple of 1-2-1’s with a chocolatier friend who taught me how to temper and mould dark Belgian chocolate.

We started with a few experimental chocolates and some chocolate bark but we have grown so much that we now have almost 40 products in our range, including honeycomb, fudge, cake and cookies.

“One of my proudest boasts is our support for animal charities. Our adopted charity is Doris Banham Dog Rescue. I’m on the fundraising team and try to generate income for the dogs through our business.”

“We regularly donate hampers and vouchers and we have pledged to donate 10% of our November takings (our most lucrative month) every year. This year we were delighted to give over £300. We also developed a paw print lolly as an alternative wedding favour, with 30% from each one being donated to DB. We also support Pudz Animal Sanctuary where we can, as last year we attended several of their organised events – these have had to be cancelled this year, losing the sanctuary a huge amount in income.”

Soulful Food

” Incredibly tasty meals that are deliciously convenient, nutritionally balanced and well designed. We love these! I could live off of the Butternut, Lentil and Spinach Hotpot, it is delicious.”

Each of the hassle-free meals are packed full with veg, plant-based protein and sustaining carbs, such as grains, lentils or beans, to help nourish the body and soul. Flavours inspired by the four corners of the globe, the PlantBox range allows you to treat yourself to an evening of comfort; relishing in the array of aromatic spices and textures that Soulful Food has to offer.

The PlantBox product range is available in the following bold flavours:

  • Thai Green Jackfruit Curry with Edamame & Kale: Sweet, coconutty and gorgeously fragrant, this knockout jackfruit, kale & edamame curry is made with freshly made paste, for a turbo boost of nourishing flavour, served with a sprinkling of quinoa, nigella seeds and fiery chilli to warm the soul
  • Vegan Butternut Mac with Kale and Seeds: This outrageously luxurious and creamy rich mac is made with tofu, cashews and almond milk to create the ‘crème de la crème’ of comfort foods, perfect for a cosy night in
  • Marinara Seitan Balls with Spaghetti and Fresh Spinach: Velvety smooth, comforting and inviting, the marinara sauce in this dish, with a touch of fresh basil, brings oodles of flavour to the succulent seitan no-meatballs, topped with fresh spinach for added nourishment
  • Piri Piri Tofu Jambalaya with Jalapeño: Tofu and sweetcorn kernels tossed in a fiery and fantastically flavoursome freshly made piri piri sauce. This wholesome meal is served with nutrient-rich brown rice and topped with toasted almonds and nigella seeds

Soulful Food PlantBox range is 100% plant-based with an RRP of £3.50.

Moju Drinks

“Tastes as fresh as squeezing yourself – love how convenient this is. We had as a shot and added to a smoothie for a super boost!” 

With more than 8 shots included in every bottle, the dosing bottles have been created to enable users to shot when needed or add into homemade juices and smoothies, for an extra shot of essential plant-based power.

Available to buy online at

The protect pact includes both the Vitamin D and Vitamin C Dosing bottles, a killer combo which has been designed to prepare the body for whatever life throws it.

Vitamin D:  Bursting with bold, unapologetic flavour, MOJU’s Vitamin D Shot is packing the rays, with 20ug of Vitamin D3 from seaweed in every shot.

Vitamin C:  Packed with Acerola Cherry to keep things sharp, every shot contains 199% RI of Vitamin C.


Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar

“We enjoyed the kombucha drinks and adding Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar to some lemon water in the morning. Has a kick to it – and we like it!”  

Willy’s is a 100 percent naturally plant-based range of products each containing the 300-year-old LIVE Mother: a friendly bacteria culture that can help support an alkaline diet which is essential to gut health and improving optimal digestion, whilst helping to minimise sugar cravings.

The last few months have seen health rise to the top of consumers’ priorities, as everyone looks for smart ways to support their immunity. Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is on a mission to provide an easy daily dose of wellness that in turn helps to boost immunity and improve gut health. Simply by consuming just 25ml of ACV a day, you can feel the difference.


Nexba Kefir

“Love the taste and no carbs which we love! I fell in love with kefir years ago and delighted to see it in the shops now.”

Nexba Kefir packs punch with a combo of summer-scented peach and lip-smacking strawberry.  Rather than sugary pop sipping on these drinks with their probiotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial goodness is the way forward for many

Naturally sugar free, Nexba Kefir is a live sparkling probiotic drink fermented using real kefir crystals for a refreshing taste with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial goodness.  Bursting with fruity flavours, it’s brimming with key nutrients including B vitamins, potassium and calcium, and with 500 million live cultures in every bottle, it’s crafted to fiercely champion gut health!

Available at Sainsburys in 4 x 330ml packs for £3.80









With many thanks to all of the above companies who supplied products for our review feature.