We are super excited to tell you about leading vegan chef Chef Day Radley and her new vegan recipe book – in honour of the disabled dog she is giving a forever home to, Bo. 

This book will make you smile and weep and smile some more says Jane Land co-founder of great breaking initiative Veganuary.

Bo’s Book will help you to create easy vegan food that is also gluten free, every day of the week.” Says Derek Sarno, Wicked Kitchen Chef & Founder.

Bo’s Book is aiming to raise much needed funds for not for profit animal rescue organisation Miracle’s Mission.

The book shows a delicious array of fantastic vegan delights as well as inspirational stories of some of the animals Miracle’s Mission has rescued.

Miracle’s Mission works with sick, injured and disabled animals worldwide and their work struck a chord with Chef Day as she decided to give a forever home to rescue dog Bo through Miracle’s Mission.

Chef Day is now the patron for Miracles Mission and is in the process of adopting Bo who was run over by a car resulting in Bo not being able to use her back legs or tail.

“Bo will need wheels when she gets here and of course lots of love, attention and treats. Thankfully she has been moved from the shelter to a foster home where she lives with lots of dogs and cats. We get regular video updates and hopefully she will be with us in April or May. Victoria described her personality and we knew Bo would be a fit.”

In the meantime well known vegan Chef Day decided to write a jam packed 150 page vegan recipe book in Bo’s honour and donating all profits to Miracles Mission.

There are practical suggestions for savoury snacks, weekenders (recipes that take a bit longer to make but are well worth the effort) such as Roti with Spiced Cauliflower, holiday dishes, easy dinners, indulgent sweet treats such as Chocolate Fudge Cake and delicious desserts such as Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Many of the pages include gorgeous illustrations of some of the vulnerable dogs that Miracle’s Mission has helped, together with their own captivating stories. The book is A4 size, wire bound and fully printed with vegan ink.

All the profits from the book will go to help more adorable dogs and cats at Miracle’s Mission and help fund their appeal to build the UK’s first disabled animal rehabilitation centre, so you can feel good about buying the book before you’ve even started cooking!

Chef Day Radley is an international professional chef, food writer and founder of The Vegan Chef School, in London. She regularly writes for UK & international Food magazines, has been featured on Sky News. She works as a consultant for brands, previously working as a personal chef for celebrities and dignitaries in London.

Day is considered a leading pioneer of modern compassionate cuisine. She is developing a new way of cooking and training the next generation of chefs how to create food that is good for the body, the planet and animals.

Bo’s Book costs £24 including P & P from Miracles Mission and The Vegan Chef School.  All profits from the book go to Miracles Mission.

Get your copy today!

The Vegan Chef School offers various courses in vegan cooking.