We love vegan friendly AND organic here at VeggieVision TV and the team are delighted to be trying out some of the range from Source of Life Garden. We just love their protein powder which blends well into smoothies and has a pleasant taste. A mix of sunflower, pea, rice and quinoa with a 20g scoop containing all amino acids and is a complete protein too. 
Nature’s Plus Source of Life Garden range is the only ECOCERT ICO and USDA Organic certified range in the U.K.
ECOCERT and USDA Organic are worldwide leaders in the certification for sustainable development and organic products. Nature’s Plus Source of Life Garden range is the first and only supplement brand to hold both of these organic certifications in the U.K. Not only does the range hold these certifications, but it is also gluten free, vegan, sugar free and non-GMO.
Nutritionist Cassandra Barns tells us more about the vital B12 and a few other less common supplements – Red Yeast Rice and Curcumin:
Source of Life Garden Vitamin B12 
“Vitamin B12 is one of the many nutrients we need for energy. It’s roles include helping to build red blood cells that carry oxygen to our cells to make energy. Some people may not absorb B12 very well from their food so taking a B12 supplement can be beneficial, if not essential, to keep their energy levels up.”
“Source of Life Garden Vitamin B12 provides an effective dose of B12 in the active form of methylcobalamin, meaning it can be easily used by the body. It also provides a range of other B vitamins, which work together with vitamin B12 to give us energy. And it’s certified organic, so you know you’re getting a good-quality product”.
Source of Life Garden B-Complex
B vitamins are extremely important for your body as they are vital for energy production and healthy red blood cell formation and function. The Source of Life Garden B complex is a unique, high-potency, all natural B-Complex grown from organic whole foods and delivering the nutrients needed to stay energized throughout the day.
Source of Life Garden Red Yeast Rice
Cassandra explains,
“Red yeast rice is a natural substance created by fermenting red rice with a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus. The fermentation process produces a substance called monacolin K, which has been found to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It may help lower both total and LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol.
Red yeast rice supplements are a popular choice among those who are trying to lower their cholesterol in a more natural way than via medication. Nature’s Plus’ new Source of Life Garden Red Yeast Rice is the very first fully certified, organic red yeast rice supplement.
Source of Life Garden Curcumin
“You’ll often see supplements that are labelled ‘curcumin’ rather than turmeric. This is because curcumin is thought to be the main active constituent of turmeric, and so many supplements are concentrated to contain a high percentage of it – often 95%, compared to only around 2 or 3% in pure turmeric. This means that one capsule can give you as much curcumin as several teaspoons of turmeric powder”, explains Cassandra.
Curcumin has strong anti inflammatory effects and is an antioxidant. 
Nature’s Plus Source of Life Garden Curcumin is a maximum strength, fully certified, organic curcumin that delivers 400mg in each capsule.
All products are available from www.naturesplus.co.uk.