VeggieVision TV are proud to support The K 9 Angels and went along to see Victoria doing her wing walk – she was amazing. With 100% of money raised going to their spay and neuter campaign please click here to donate! 
You can also see the VV TV FB page and the K 9 Angels page for our Faecbook live filming! 
From being in pop videos to the pea popping star on the Birds Eye adverts passionate vegan Victoria Eisermann has been a model for 30 years and has appeared on catwalks and in the Playboy lingerie calendar.
Victoria has starred in many TV commercials, amongst the most well-known being the pregnant bride in the Guinness commercial and then went into the Big Brother House as well as being named as “Vic The Vegan” on Total Wipeout.
And she is now taking on her biggest challenge yet. Despite a terrible fear of heights, she has just been strapped to a plane 1000 feet in the air to raise money for the K 9 Angels 2017 Spay and Neuter Campaign.
Victoria says, “I was absolutely petrified however I just kept thinking about the dogs we can save.”
“Just one non spayed female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years.”
“It costs just around £16.60 to spay one female, so if we raise just £5,000 that’s 300 females which will directly prevent around 20,100,000  – yes! you read it correctly over twenty million – lives of needless suffering and pain in 6 years.”
The charity, which was founded in 2011 and has since rehomed over 800 dogs, spayed 3000 dogs as well as raising hundreds of thousands of pounds to build a shelter that now houses 110 dogs which the charity regularly send food and medical aid to.
“We work with a trusted network of dedicated individuals, shelters, vets in order to help save dogs from dangerous countries and rehome them to countries of stability and we make the adoption process easy and pain free.”
She also gives a plea to people thinking about buying a dog;
“If you’re considering getting a dog, please don’t buy from a breeder on gumtree or in a pet store, please get in touch with K-9 Angels and you will help us save a life.”
To donate much needed funds to the wing walk challenge please click here!
The charity was founded by the 3 glamorous media blondes, TV presenter Anneka Tanaka, Singer Pola Pospieszalska and Victoria Eisermann in 2011.
Pola and Victoria run the charity now with an amazing team of volunteers and with ALL funds raised going to save dogs. No salaries are paid.
Victoria has:
2016 climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – for the second time her charity K-9 Angels
2015 cycled 500 miles to raise funds to spay dogs for her charity K-9 Angels
2014 cycled 300 miles to raise funds to spay dogs for her charity K-9 Angels
2013 Awarded ‘Most Inspirational Person’ award by Passionate pink charity
2012 Contestant on ‘Total Wipeout’ for BBC1, and ‘Big Brother’ on Channel 5 
2011 Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the Children’s charity ‘Flying kites’
2011 Fronted Animal aids ‘Ban the whip’ at Ascot campaign 
2011- Fronted numerous campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
2007 Won ‘Europe’s sexiest vegetarian’ online as voted by PETA supporters
Flight images here are credited to Pacificus 🙂