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Thinking about working “in veganism”? Karin chats with fellow vegans John Creaton and Andrea Harvey who are doing just that… 

I don’t know if he remembers however around 16 years ago it was Damian from VeggiePets who said to me that the way forward for veganism was through business. This resonated with me a great and spurred me on ever since.

I was just starting my own vegan PR business, running vegan events and also launching the UKs first vegan newspaper supplement with 250,000 copies going out around Essex. I knew that I needed to be my own boss and work “in veganism.”

Every vegan business owner I have had the pleasure of working with is inspired to make a difference (in fact that’s what my PR business is called -MAD Promotions) and yes you have to do your sums and everything else to do with business however the calling is much more than the profit and loss sheet. (I have no idea what this is but it sounds good.)

CEO of Planet Arborist John Creaton knows all about business as he helps take established vegan business to the next level. John went vegan nearly 5 years ago after going veggie initially in 1993 and for over 20 years he worked at Goldman Sachs as a Managing Director.

John told me;

Focusing on the plant based sector is a core value for me. To be able to transition and reorientate 100% of the experience and the skills developed over a career in Financial Services and Technology into a full time focus on plant based sustainability is a professional and personal dream come true.

The people I meet, the companies and their products all resonate highly and is a source of energy for Planet Arborist and myself. There is so much to do that sometimes is hard to see how to be able to cover all we want to do. However, we have been developing quickly and looking back at our progress provides a deep source of motivation for the future. By working collaboratively we all can help develop this sector.”

Being able to focus on veganism every day is such a gift – we all work our organic cotton socks off and the rewards are amazing. Helping fellow vegans have more choice with food, drink, toiletries and making the world a much better place. Doing our bit so future vegans are happier, more animals are saved and the planet is too.

And the connection you have – there is nothing like it whether relationships or business connections – well you may well be vegan yourself of course so you get it – us vegans have a strong connection with each other!

Image with thanks to Adam Winger

Andrea Harvey The Vegan Hairdresser is now the manager of sustainable and vegan friendly hairdressers “Salon Messina” in Essex and she advocates veganism constantly leaving behind non vegan hairdressing products as soon as she could.

Andrea went vegan 8 years ago and will only work with vegan hair products.  “When you are vegan for the animals, it goes much deeper than just not consuming meat and animal produce, it is a lifestyle that incorporates every part of your being- from beauty products to cleaning products- and the longer you are vegan, the stronger your belief becomes. It is a passion that stays your whole life.”

For me I say I don’t have clients – I have the most fantastic friends who I get to work with – and together we promote veganism (and we get some awesome results!) And have fun too.

And if starting your own vegan business is something that appeals – then absolutely go for it! Remember there will be a lot of work ahead and you will love it!

We need all ways of spreading the positive vegan message and business is an exciting vehicle to make a difference!