Although we don’t know any vegans who miss eating fish we do know a few who miss that deep fried battered something so we were intrigued to try out the vegan menu at Sutton & Sons. 

Sutton & Sons, the award-winning family run chippy has launched London’s first vegan ‘fish’ & chips as part of a new vegan menu, initially served at the Stoke Newington branch and after it was such a success it is being offered at all of their locations.

We liked the battered banana blossom ‘fish’ – when we first wanted to try it we couldn’t. It had sold out! And when it was first on offer it was out selling fish! The texture is quite chewy and it is long – like a piece of fried fish. It is filling and a very reasonable price. Their ‘fish’ burger is a different taste and texture. It felt a little mushroom like to us and softer. “It makes for a good burger.” Our tester said.
Following the success of trialling different options in Veganuary 2018 and “looking for something more true to a cod and chips than is possible with tofu”, owner Danny Sutton has developed his very own unique recipe. The vegan ‘fish’ & chips is available for eat-in at £8.50, or takeaway at £7.50 and tastes remarkably “like the real thing” due to a marinating process in seaweed to give the fresh seafood taste.

To run alongside their own unique vegan take on home-made ‘fish’ & chips is an especially curated vegan menu of pie n mash from Mr. Nice Pie, served with home-made vegan friendly gravy, battered vegan sausage and chips and battered vegan ‘prawns’.

The installation of a superior fryer from the Henry Nutall frying range has meant they now have an additional fryer that is used exclusively for the vegan options. They have also serve vegan friendly mayonnaise and tartare sauce for all your top notch dipping needs.

Danny Sutton told VV TV: “Having developed recipes with fish from our own fishmongers for the last decade, it was a real challenge to try and replicate Brit’s favourite cod and chips but I reckon we’ve smashed it. We’ve seen a huge surge in customer demand for vegan options and after the popularity of trialling the dishes in Veganuary we have decided to offer the menu all year round. Who knows, we might open the first vegan fish & chip shop next…”

Music to our ears!!Husband and wife duo Danny and Hana Sutton have been serving East Londoners to great acclaim for the past few years.

See Karin chatting with George the manager of the Angel branch and trying out the vegan options here!