Peace On Your Plate release new charity Christmas No.1 attempt featuring a global orchestra & choir for Peace & Unity. I Am One With You is the new single from musical collective Peace On Your Plate, just released on 16 Dec 2022.

Having reached No.5 in the Amazon Download chart in their last attempt at Christmas No.1, Peace On Your Plate are back to spread vibes of peace & unity whilst raising money for charity Vegan Organic Network.

I Am One With You was written by band member Giles Bryant.  Giles calls it “a sonic antidote to the conflict in the world”.  It is based on a universal concept, found in all mystical traditions as well as quantum physics, that at some level we are all connected.  Singer Gaiea Sanskrit, is one of many global musicians to join the project.  After recording her vocals, she said, “when we talk there can be disagreements, when we sing together, we unite.”

Alongside stellar performances by Peace On Your Plate band-members, the song features a global orchestra and world-wide choir.  It is a powerful moment to hear a violinist from Russia join with a Ukrainian singer – backed by a world-wide band – expressing peace & unity through music.

The track was recorded at various music studios around the world, produced by Giles Bryant (The Perpetual Choirs) and mastered by Christian Wright (Ed Sheeran, Blur, Radiohead) at Abbey Road Studios.

The band are raising funds for charity Vegan Organic Network, whose mission is to have clean rivers & oceans, healthy soil and food through adopting veganic growing, a sustainable method that creates abundance without the use of chemicals or stock animal inputs.

Their first single – ‘Peace On Your Plate’ – was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and released on 13th December 2019. It reached number 5 in the Amazon chart, number 7 in the Google chart and number 48 in the official UK downloads chart for Christmas 2019. The song raised money for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and Viva!

They have subsequently released 3 further singles – ‘Ask Me Why’, ‘Supafine’ and ‘Groove Kitchen’.

The collective are currently finishing recording their debut album set for release in 2023. For one of the tracks, ‘I Am One With You’, they are bringing together a world orchestra and choir to unify people with a song of peace and hope.

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