I am Karin Ridgers from Veggie Vision TV, the vegan internet TV station. Today I am going to show you, how to make some fantastic smoothies.

I am going to show you, how to make low calorie smoothies.
Now, this particular recipe is my favourite way to start the day, and it is the ultimate in low calories.

Now, first of all it’s a bit of a misconception when you’re making your smoothies, because you can use herbal teas, you can use water, and this reduces the calories and the fat content, because you don’t need to use milk and ice-cream.

Now, really good fruits to use in your low calorie smoothies are lemons, watermelons, carrots, apples and pineapples.

My one is a little bit different because I like to add in lots of greens, and spinach is my favourite. Now, spinach, you get a whole massive handful of spinach, which only got 7 calories in there, and it contains really good nutrients and fibre, and this actually satisfies your body’s cravings. So, if you start the day with this, you are going to get fullness, you’ll feel great and you’re not going to get any hunger fever.

Now, how I usually make my lovely healthy smoothie is, a nice big handful of fresh raw  spinach, organic, if you can. As you get used to your low fat, or low calorie smoothie, you can add in more grains. So, may be first start with a small handful of grains.

Now, what you must do is, add your banana, because this give it more texture, and a little bit of sweetness as well. So, break it up into a few pieces.
I love using alkaline water, so, we just tip in, and you’ll get used to how much you need to put in, but may be about half a glass or slightly more of your water.

Again, you can use herbal tea if you would like to as well, this really does keep the calorie content low.

We’re just going to blend this up now, for about 30 seconds. And, look at that, most gorgeous green colour, it’s absolutely beautiful.

What you can do to this is, you can have it as it is. If you like a little thicken the texture you can add another banana.

Sometimes I add powdered greens, to give me even more greenness to my lovely smoothie.

And also, I absolutely love this really healthy natural hemp protein powder, it’s all organic as well, and this gives it a bit of a nutty texture. Even if it’s chocolaty, but a good size spoonful and put that in. Again, this is a bit of an optional extra.

So, we’ll just blend that up again. We’ve got really good blender, so it doesn’t take long at all, but you can use simple hand-blenders as well.
Look at that, it’s just fantastic.

And that is how you make lovely, tasty low calorie smoothies.