There are simple ways you can prepare the green beans. Give them a wash first of all, and simply snip off the ends. You can eat these raw but in moderation.
Line them up so they are all in a similar place on your chopping board. Then you can chop a whole bunch at one time. You can simply cook them like this whole, you can chop them into bite size chunks, and if you really have the time and the energy, you can chop them lengthwise which is apparently the French cut.
But I like nice and chunky, and I don’t mind if they are even slightly different sizes. I’m going to show you how to cook these, pan fried style, today. You can steam them, which is a gorgeous way to retain as many of the nutrients as you possibly can.
You can bake them in the oven with a drop of olive oil and some lemon juice, and they’re great to add to soups, to curries or simply as a really tasty vegetable. So, pop these into a large frying pan and again, maybe that is enough for one serving if you got other vegetables as well. Tip in a tiny drop of olive oil or hemp seed oil, and my favorite, some alkalized water (already filtered water) and then warm for a few minutes on a very low heat.
So, these have been cooking now for just a few minutes, and you can tell that they are lovely and green and vibrant. If there is some water left over, see if you can make use of it with something else you might be cooking because there is going to be goodness in the water as well. There are actually 130 different types of green beans for you to enjoy.
And there you go. That’s a simple way to cook them. Now, what I would just do simply to make these even tastier is maybe add a dash of olive oil or hemp seed oil and then a lovely scattering of my favorite Engevita cheesy flakes.
There you go. Couple of minutes. Easy green beans that are really good for you. .