When you think luxury chocolate and of the worlds finest chocolatiers then you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking of Hotel Chocolat. But did you know that this fine and ethical brand also produce luxury beauty products and alcoholic delights?

The VVTV reviewers were in full test mode and the smiles on their faces was proof that Hotel Chocolat reigns supreme when it comes to “Everything Chocolatey”.

Here is a few of our faves starting with mouth watering treats.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

The classic praline chocolate and hazelnut spread, soulfully, satisfyingly rich and smooth. Made with more cocoa and less sugar. Vegan-friendly.

On the Go Little Dipper

More hazelnuts, more goodness. Brimming with 31% hazelnuts. Soulfully satisfying with super-smooth 70% dark chocolate. Pretzels have never had it so good, take a dip.

Gianduja Bombe Selector

The silkiest, smoothest dark hazelnut praline made to melt in the mouth like butter. Gianduja bombe selectors are perfect for a little self indulgence.

Saint Lucia 84% Dark Chocolate

Saint Lucian chocolate with a smoky, savoury profile.

Cocoa Gin

Some pairings are made for each other. Cocoa gin cries out for ice and a thin slice of orange. It’s rooted in the same principle that sweeter citrus pairs perfectly with chocolate. Super-smooth and nuanced. A London gin with expressive gin botanicals. Perfect for gin and tonic with plenty of ice. Gin cocktails? Mix up your martini with a splash of dry vermouth and refreshing twist of orange peel. 

Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka Liqueur

Infused vodka with a malty, toasted edge of cocoa and melted in salted caramel. Hotel Chocolat are the only chocolatier to run two bars; one on their Saint Lucian cocoa plantation and the other at their restaurant in London’s Borough Market. Salted caramel melted into cocoa vodka….What could be better?

Sugar & Sour Orange Body Scrub

Breathe in. A fragrant, fresh citrus powerhouse of orange and tangerine essential oils. Intensive sugar scrub, with the moisture-enriching power of argan and jojoba for a super-smooth finish. Apply to wet skin in circular motions. When it’s gone, it goes on. Reusable cup inspired by the pods grown on our cocoa estate. Your new café cup to go?

Avocado & Sour Orange Hand Scrub

A zingy, nourishing hand exfoliator formulated with almond, avocado, tangerine and lemon myrtle essential oils, your first instinct might be to eat this hand scrub (please refrain!). Alongside its buffing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties, this little pot of zest is a must for fans of citrus.

Three Shell Cacao Almond and Coconut Body Scrub

Scoops of island shells transform dull skin. Polish, exfoliate and moisturise, the three steps to achieving beautiful smooth skin with our Three Shell Cacao Almond and Coconut Body Scrub. Energise your day. Island shells combine to leave skin soft, smooth and radiant. Polish, exfoliate and moisturise. Stand in tropical downpour – smile.

We love the ethics of Hotel Chocolat and delighted to see their vegan friendly products expanding….. with more on the way. They make for perfect gifts for just about everyone and a lovely treat for yourself!

The body scrub is fantastic, the salty caramel vodka liqueur is a far too delicious – and we are super excited about the new vegan options coming soon from Hotel Chocolat.

Thanks to Hotel Chocolat for gifting us the products for this advertisement feature.