“We may have upset them…  the vegans that is…and there are some people you don’t want to upset and that is vegans….” 20161003_115417
VV TV Director Karin Ridgers was delighted to go and see leading Essex radio stars Martin and Su in the Heart Essex studio recently and talk about how super a vegan lifestyle is and how delicious a plant based diet is too.
Karin took the radio celebrities an array of gorgeous vegan delights from our friends Vegusto and Good Heavens its Jeavons.
Martin and Su recently made a few jokes about vegans – they didn’t mean anything untoward just their usual radio banter in their upbeat jokey way however several people complained and what a SUPER result…. We end up with a positive vegan message, much more airtime on the show, a fun podcast and Martin and Su understanding more about a vegan lifestyle and loving the food too!
The hour Karin spent in the studio has to be edited down however we still have around 7 minutes of a great vegan message on this massive radio station!
I loved being in the Heart studio chatting about veganism and thrilled that both Martin and Su would now like me to go through their typical daily eating habits and help make them more healthy and vegan friendly.”
Off air we spoke for longer about how veganism is great for the planet and our health as well as of course for the animals.”
“For years Martin and Su have had to get up at such a ridiculously early time to be live on air from 6 am and this is tough going. They need to get into a better food routine that includes healthy vegan options such as berry protein smoothies for breakfast instead of crisps! And drink a lot of water too.
20161003_114120Martin, Su and producers Alex and James were very happy with how Karin came across on air and we are keeping everything crossed here at VeggieVision TV and Vegfest that we do get to go in again to share a positive healthy vegan message.

“Karin’s a passionate advocate for veganism and her enthusiasm is infectious!”  
Su Harrison, Heart Breakfast 
“She really opened our eyes (and awakened our tastebuds) to the variety of vegan foods – and we loved the goodies she brought into the studio!”
Martin Day, Heart Breakfast

Click here to have a listen: I Tunes link and go to 13th October and the podcast is headed up: Strange things that you are afraid of.
Karin is on the podcast at 32 mins and 25 seconds.
With thanks and love to Viva!